Membership Details 
With your 3-Month or 4-Month membership:
  • Each month on your billing date you will be allotted 8, 12, or 16 sessions to use that month.
  • Unused session credits do not carry over to the next month.
  • You can buy add-on sessions if you run out before you next billing date.
  • Membership agreements auto-renew for the same term unless terminated two weeks prior to renewal date.
  • You can change, terminate and freeze your membership based on terms below.
Men and Women Training in a Strength workout at Adamas Strength and Fitness in Westmont, IL 60559

30-Day Kick Start Cancellation Policy 

The first month of your new membership allows you the opportunity to cancel risk-free if you aren't happy with our service/program.  You simply need to email us to cancel your membership contract at least 3 days prior to your upcoming billing date.  There are no hidden fees or charges, all we ask is you give us some feedback as to what didn't work for you to help us continue improving our program and services.

*Please note we do not offer refunds.

Changing Your Membership Plan

Want to upgrade to attend more sessions per month? We can help. Please note a change in membership will begin a new contract term. 

Membership Changes:  Members may upgrade agreements to an increased monthly fee at any time, subject to current rates.  The term of the contract will begin again, starting with the next auto-pay date.  Members may not downgrade memberships until term is complete at which point you cancel (per the cancellation policy) and rejoin with a downgraded membership.

Terminating Your Membership

Your membership term is either 3 or 4 months and will auto-renew for the same term unless terminated. During your membership term, you can only cancel based on the terms below. The Membership Termination Form can be found at adamasstrengthandfitness.com/cancellation.  You must submit your termination form at least two weeks in advance of your renewal date.  

Terminating at the end of your current agreement:  Your contract is set to automatically renew at the end of your term so you will have continual access to your training sessions.  If you do not wish for your agreement to auto-renew, you must fill out a termination request at least two weeks prior to billing date.

Terminating your membership early:  Early termination of a contract is not permitted, except for the “no-fee” reasons listed below.  

“No Fee” termination: If you have a medical issue that prevents you from utilizing your membership, you may be allowed to terminate without penalty by providing a note from your doctor detailing the medical necessity of the termination.  If you move and your new home is more than 25 miles from ASF, you may terminate without penalty, providing that you lived within 25 miles of ASF at the time you began your agreement.

Freezing Your Membership 

Sometimes life happens and you need to put your training on hold.   We make freezing (or suspending) your membership painless. The Membership Freeze Form can be found at adamasstrengthandfitness.com/members. Please allow five days for us to process your request. If you submit your hold request less than 5 days prior to your next billing date we cannot freeze that month and your hold will go into effect the following month. 
Your billing will be suspended for the duration of the freeze. The billing will automatically resume once the freeze period has ended. Any suspended payments will be added onto the initial term of your agreement, extending the Membership term by the length of the freeze. Here are the freeze details for your membership type:

3 and 4-Month Memberships: You may take advantage of 1 complementary freeze during the term of your agreement, for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 2 months in duration.