Welcome to the 6 Week Challenge!

Our 6 week challenge begins Monday 9/25! 
Your challenge goals:
  • Training/Structured Exercise (6 pts per week):
    • Attend 3 group training sessions per week at ASF
  • Daily Activity (14 pts per week):
    • 30 minutes of movement daily outside the gym
  • Nutrition (7 pts per week):
    • Achieve your daily individualized nutrition goal
  • Lifestyle (7 pts per week):
    • Achieve your daily lifestyle goal
Need support? Contact Coach Jess!
Men and Women Training in a Strength workout at Adamas Strength and Fitness in Westmont, IL 60559


  1. Complete your Nutrition Goal Worksheet
  2. Set your lifestyle goal
  3. RSVP to our first Monday Meeting
  4. Book your training sessions for week #1
  5. Read your Guidebook
  6. Print out 6 weeks of tracking scoresheets

Challenge To-Do's:

  • Read your weekly lesson found in your inbox every Sunday morning
  • Check in our Facebook at ASF for each training session to earn bonus points
  • Book your weekly training sessions HERE
  • Tune in Mondays at 7:30pm via Zoom for chats with Coach Jess on the weekly lessons and more
  • Input your weekly scores HERE every Monday by 12pm

Weekly Lessons:

You will receive your weekly lesson in your inbox every Sunday morning.  Each lesson includes a challenge to earn bonus points.
  • Week #1:  The Power of Planning
  • Week #2:  Support System
  • Week #3:  Move More
  • Week #4:  Have Your Cake!
  • Week #5:  Am I Hungry?
  • Week #6:  Attitude of Gratitude


Your weekly challenges all include posting on social media (FB or IG) using #backtostrong.  So be sure to use that hashtag so we can find your awesome post.  Also feel free to use #adamasstrengthandfitness #adamasstrength and #asf.  
  • Week #1:  
  • Week #2: 
  • Week #3:  
  • Week #4:  
  • Week #5:  
  • Week #6: