Welcome to the 6 Week Challenge!

Our 6 week challenge runs Monday 9/25 - Saturday 11/4! 
Your challenge goals:
  • Training/Structured Exercise (6 pts per week):
    • Attend 3 group training sessions per week at ASF
  • Daily Activity (14 pts per week):
    • 30 minutes of movement daily outside the gym
  • Nutrition (7 pts per week):
    • Achieve your daily individualized nutrition goal
  • Lifestyle (7 pts per week):
    • Achieve your daily lifestyle goal
  • Weekly Bonus (4 pts per week):
    • See details below
  • FB Check in Bonus (3 pts per week):
    • Check in on FB at each training session
Need support? Contact Coach Jess!
Men and Women Training in a Strength workout at Adamas Strength and Fitness in Westmont, IL 60559


  1. Read this week's lesson "Have Your Cake" - check your inbox
  2. Tune in Monday at 7:30pm for our discussion - click here
  3. Track your points on your scoresheet 
  4. Complete your challenge - details below
  5. Check in for each training session at ASF on FacebooK

Challenge To-Do's:

  • Read your weekly lesson found in your inbox every Sunday morning
  • Check in on Facebook at ASF for each training session to earn 1 point per session 
  • Book your weekly training sessions HERE
  • Tune in Mondays at 7:30pm via Zoom for chats with Coach Jess on the weekly lessons and more
  • Input your weekly scores HERE every Monday by 12pm


You must complete all parts of each challenge to earn your 4 points.  Your weekly challenges all include posting on your personal social media (FB or IG) page(s) using #backtostrong.  So be sure to use that hashtag so we can find your awesome post.  Also feel free to use #adamasstrengthandfitness #adamasstrength and #asf.  
  • Week #1:  Write out your training schedule for the next 6 weeks in a paper planner, pre-book your training in the scheduler, write out your dinner menu for the week, post your plans on FB or IG.
  • Week #2: Post of pic on IG or FB of you & your buddy working on your health & fitness together
  • Week #3: Take a pic of you doing one of the daily activity options in your email and post on IG & FB 
  • Week #4:  Experiment with a forbidden food as mapped in your email at least once this week
    Post a pic of your forbidden food on IG or FB and use the caption “food is not the enemy” with #backtostrong
  • Week #5:  
  • Week #6:  

Weekly Lessons:

You will receive your weekly lesson in your inbox every Sunday morning.  Each lesson includes a challenge to earn bonus points.
  • Week #1:  The Power of Planning
  • Week #2:  Support System
  • Week #3:  Move More
  • Week #4:  Have Your Cake!
  • Week #5:  Am I Hungry?
  • Week #6:  Attitude of Gratitude