How our 6 Week Challenge will help you!

KTC17080492As I'm sure you've figured out by now we REALLY don't like cookie-cutter, extreme weight loss, BS fitness challenges! The truth is any extreme solution will never work for the long haul.  Yea you might lose a few pounds, but I can almost 100% guarantee whatever you lose won't last.  Why? Because your typical fitness challenge doesn't focus on building sustainable habits or process goals.  Yea building habits isn't as sexy as quick fixes, but if you actually want to change your life and body habit building is key!  

So how will our challenge help you?

1.  Consistency Attendance/Routine.  If you want anything to work, first things first you gotta show up! But let's be sure to make the goal realistic vs extreme.  You don't have to spend 5 hours in the gym per week to make changes.  Three workouts per week that are about 45 minutes will do the trick (and honestly length of workout is WAY less important than most people realize).  Yes you have to MAKE time in your schedule for your workouts.  Creating a habit of consistency will build a routine that sticks beyond the 6 weeks.

2.  Move yo body daily. People often get sucked into the trap that workouts are the end all be all of their fitness success.  And while your gym time is super valuable, you have to create a lifestyle based on movement if you really want long term success.  You spend more time out of the gym than in it and if you spend that time on your butt you aren't doing yourself any favors.  So our challenge goal is to find 30 minutes per day of activity outside the gym. We are talking standing up more, walking, playing, doing chores, getting up to stretch.  Break it up however works in your lifestyle, but find time to move more and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. 

3.  Nutrition for you.  One size fits all meal plans, shopping lists and nutrition plans are designed to fail you! Why? Because improving your nutrition is about habit not knowledge.  I think by now we all know whole foods trump processed foods and if we drink 1000 calories per day we will struggle to lose weight.  So we are putting the power back in your hands to change at least one nutritional habit over the next 6 weeks.  The key is to keep it simple.  Our minds love what is familiar and comfortable so when we throw a big ass wrench in the norm it typically backfires.  One tiny habit done consistently is easier to master and builds momentum for the next habit.

4.  Healthy body & Life.  Of course looking hot AF is cool, but if you aren't sleeping, miserable and anxious your smoking body doesn't do you any good.  So we need balance...a healthy body and mind.  You will practice getting your mind fit with our lifestyle component of the challenge (reading, meditating, journaling or sleeping).

The key with our challenge is building sustainable habits, one step at a time.  The more manageable and in our control of the changes you are the more successful you will be.  Yes you have to do things that are new and possibly uncomfortable, but keeping the changes small is what does the trick. Focusing daily and weekly on your process will yield better results.  Instead of weekly weigh ins, you will give yourself props for crushing your 3 workouts, achieving your daily movement, nutrition and lifestyle goals.  Putting the power in your hands to change your life is how you build a healthier, happier you!

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