Labor Day Workout

KTC170804106We are closed for Labor Day, but that doesn't mean you can't get in some training at home.  Here is a simple and effective at home workout.

September Warm-up

3-4 for sets of superset A & B.  Rest 30-60 seconds between supersets.
A1.  Squats x12
A2.  Push-ups x 8

B1.  Glute March x 8/each
B2.  Bent-over Row x 12

Conditioning Finisher: Complete C1 immediately followed by C2 then rest as much as needed.  Do as many sets as possible in 8-10 minutes.  

C1.  2 Hand Swings OR Jump Hinges x 10
C2.  Hip Touch Planks x 4/each side

See you Tuesday!