August Programming

Knockout Training Club Member doing band pull apartsWe are gonna close out the summer focusing on building our strength on our main lifts (squat, deadlift and press).  After spending July focusing on honing the details of those lifts, now it's time to test our limits and make some strength gains.  We will also throw some new accessory exercises into the mix to help you move better in different directions, increase your stability and more! And to top each training session off we have some killer finishers to get you sweaty and awesome!

This month we will continue with our weekly routine of...

Monday/Tuesday:  Same workout
Wednesday/Thursday:  Same workout
Friday/Saturday:  Same workout
(Saturday optional conditioning only workout)

Please be sure to train on nonconsecutive days.  Remember the routine we encourage you to build is M/W/F or S OR T/TR/S.  If you can't avoid doing back to back days that are the same workout, we will have a supplemental training session for you to do.  

Week 4 of this training block we will work on hitting some PRs (personal records) on the main lifts too!

Also we are going to try and time our A & B sections of each session.  So we will put 10 minutes on the clock and you can get in 2-4 sets of each superset.  If you are really focusing on building strength you will want to focus on giving yourself more rest between supersets, focus on form and challenging loads.  If you are looking to focus on fat loss you can shorten your rest periods and aim to hit more sets.  *don't worry if this doesn't make sense we will explain more in training sessions. 

Please be sure to refer to your July training log as you start August's training to help you figure your weights for each exercise during week 1.  And remember we are working on learning our RPE with each drill too this month...more on that concept here!