Why we train barefoot

Jessica Lewis doing kettlebells If you ever step foot into Knockout you will notice 99% of our members train without shoes.  Most of us train completely barefoot and some train in socks (better than shoes but not ideal).  We are hardcore believers in training sans shoes! 

Now without getting into all the boring science behind it...simple put your feet love stimulation! There are more sensory nerves on the bottom of your feet than anywhere else in your body.  These sensory nerves send info to your brain on surface texture and help you balance, avoid danger, etc.  Shoes create a barrier between your info hungry feet and your brain.  This means you are losing value info that can help you build stability/balance, strength and more.  

When your foot has a shoe on it certain muscles even turn off because they don't need to work due to the support of your shoe.  And some muscles overwork or don't work at the right time because your shoe is changing your body mechanics.    

Connecting your barefoot to the ground builds stronger feet and a stronger body.  

You probably wouldn't wear gloves all day, so why cover your feet all day.  Feed your feet the sensory input they crave and reap the benefits of building a strong foundation.