Why month-to-month gym memberships don't work

Knockout Training Club member doing battling ropesWe are a culture of instant gratification and FOMO (fear of missing out).  We often don't give things enough time to even begin to work.  We jump from one thing to the next trying to find answers, solutions, happiness and more.  It's no wonder we struggle with health, relationship and financial success.  We are being conditioned to chase the next best thing and commitment has become taboo.

At Knockout we are all about commitment.  We don't promise quick fixes or instant results.  We ask you for a commitment and in turn we make a commitment to you.  We are committed to providing with you safe, effective training and coaching focused on unleashing your best self.  This is why we don't offer month-to-month memberships.  We know we can't help you if you aren't committed and we are most effective coaching you for long term success.  Our membership options are 3 or 12 month terms because at minimum it takes 3 months of consistent effort to see and feel results.  

Like I've had many members tell me, "It didn't take me a just few months to get where I am now, it's gonna take more than a few months to get where I want to be." Understanding and embracing this will go a long way in making progress towards your goals.  You must play the long game.  

We understand why other gyms offer punchcards, class passes and month-to-month memberships, they want to get you in with the benefit of flexibility & convenience.  That's all fine and good, but when you aren't committed...how invested are you truly.  Most of us need structure, commitment and accountability to make change.  When we take something seriously we must commit.  Without commitment we will forever struggle to make progress (always tempted to try something new).  

Ideally we want members to come onboard for a year, but we know initially that is a big pill to swallow which is why we offer a 3 month option.  A 3 month commitment allows you to see if you are truly in and if we are the right fit for you. Many will upgrade to a year once they realize this is where they need to be.  

We want members to realize change will occur over months, but big change takes years.  Give something 1-2 years of consistency and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.