Top 3 Nutrition Tips

precision-nutrition-create-the-perfect-meal-fb2Navigating healthy eating has become more confusing than taking a doctoral level math class.  Every so called nutrition expert and fitness guru is constantly spouting out the do's and don'ts of how & what to eat.  You are inundated with conflicting and confusing information daily! So let's cut through the BS and start with 3 simple things that are essential to master to improve your eating habits.
  1. Plan.  You MUST get in the habit of planning ahead.  Without some level of meal planning your eating will be left to convenience and that usually doesn't give you the best options.  We don't promote meal plans and restrictive eating. When we say meal plan we mean simply get in the habit of menu planning.  Designate one day per week to plan your meals.  And start by learning to plan just one meal per day, usually dinner is the best place to start.  Once you plan a week's worth of dinners, create a grocery list for those meals plus any other lunch & breakfast food you usually eat.  
  2. Shop.  Set at least one day per week to go grocery shopping.  Some people need to shop more than once per week, but commit to at least once.  Schedule your grocery shopping time as a non-negotialbe appointments with yourself.  Now armed with your list you will get in and out with everything you need much faster.  You need to stock your kitchen with food you will eat otherwise again you will be left with convenience eating.
  3. Add. We believe in the add vs subtract model of healthy eating.  When we restrict we crave, so shift the script and start adding goodness to your diet.  Add one veggie to each dinner, once you master that add one veggie to each lunch, then attack breakfast.  Over time you will have starting eating more nutritious meals without even realizing it.  Your plate will consistent of 80% healthier stuff and 20% fun food.  

The key is to remember nutrition is about habit creation, not willpower & restriction.  You must slowly build healthy habits.  You need to focus on one habit for a minimum 2 weeks before moving on to the next.  Doing too much too fast will backfire, trust us.  

Resist the urge to get sucked into the latest cleanse, meal plan, weight loss gimmick and commit to habit by habit building a healthier lifestyle. 

Click here for a great infographic from our friends at Precision Nutrition on How to Build a Healthy Meal!