There is no "magic bullet"

Knockout Training Club member doing core trainingUnderstanding what you need to do to achieve your fitness goals can be way more confusing than it needs to be.  Everyday you see something new and exciting online promising you the body of your dreams, quick results and instant health.  One day it's bodyweight training, then kettlebells, dumbbells, boxing, barre, running, barbells, bands, etc.  Each time a new workout trend appears you jump on the bandwagon with hopes of finally achieving ____ (fill in the blank with the goal you feel you are always chasing)! Then after some short term success you find yourself disappointed yet again.

Why? Because there is no "magic bullet".  There is no one single type of training that will yield X results.  The best type of training is smart, effective programming using a variety of tools. Yes we use kettlebells, bodyweight, TRX's, barbells and more.  We integrate these "tools' into our programming in a way that offers a balanced, purposeful workout designed to achieve your goals.  We use a variety of tools and adjust certain variables to produce various training effects (fat loss, build strength, etc).  But we don't subscribe to the idea that any one of these tools is the golden ticket to fitness success.

If you want to feel and see results, it less about the tools and more about the program.  Are you doing the drills and using the right tools for the job? We understand that trying to figure that out is not something you want to do which is why we take care of creating the program and your job is to show up consistently and do the work.  

Now if you enjoy a certain form of exercise because it makes you feel good, go for it! Movement should be fun! Just beware of falling into the trap that one form of exercise is the end all be all to achieving your goals. Don't buy into the BS that you can get a great butt from some instafit bodyweight booty workout or get a six-pack from a 30 day plank challenge.  There is more to training than what you see online and there is no magic bullet.  

Whether you train with us or not, the best thing you can do for yourself is find a knowledgeable, credible coach that can create a program based on your goals and stick to their program for at least 3 months.