Using Your Check In/Out Log

Fist emojiOur goal at Knockout is to empower you with the tools needed to achieve lifelong health & fitness.  We want you to own your training and with that gain a greater understanding of your body.  Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, abilities, limitations and knowing who/when to push the limits are keys to fitness success. Our bodies are never the same from day to day and we need to be aware of our body's status in order to make the best training decisions possible. This is why we created our Knockout Check In/Out Log.  

Your Knockout Check In/Out Log is kept in your file at the gym and before each workout we want you to pull it out and assess how you are feeling.  You will indicate the following: 
  • Date 
  • Day of the Week
  • Hours Slept
  • How You are Feeling (happy/good, angry, sad, worried/anxious, sick/tired/blah)
  • Soreness/Fatigue
  • Pain
  • How Your Workout Felt (post workout checkout)

For Soreness/Fatigue and Pain you will see a key at the bottom of the log to guide you on what to indicate based on your assessment.  Ranking these two areas before your workout allows you to check in with yourself and see how your body is doing.  If you are really sore you may want to take it easy that day, but if you are feeling great and have no pain you can kick some ass.  

Your body will feel different each day and a simple pre-workout check in can help you train safely & effectively.  Remember you can't train at 100% everyday, it's okay not to crush every workout.  But you also want to be aware of any patterns here that might be getting in your way of success.  

*Are you always sore and training anyways? ...maybe you are over reaching/training with too much intensity too often.  

*Are you always tired? ...maybe your lack of sleep is impacting your health & fitness.  

*Are you training through pain and potentially setting yourself back?

*Are you chronically mailing in your workouts? 

Checking in with yourself before and after your workout, along with completing your training log arms you with the information needed to get the most out of your training.  Together they set you up for long term success and a better understanding of your body's needs. You will also gain valuable insight into your training performance to see if you need to up your game or reign it in.  Use our Check In Log with your Training Log and you and your coach can create an effective plan to achieve your goals.

Does training with a purpose and plan sound like something you need? Request a FREE workout today and we will help you get started!