The Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Get in Shape

Jessica Lewis working with a client at Knockout Training ClubWhile most fitness professionals will throw a bunch of unrealistic dieting tips and quick fixes at you in an effort to help you get in shape, most of the time the true culprit behind your frustration with a lack of results lies in something you can control...YOU.  At Knockout our goal is to empower you with the tools needed to crush your fitness goals and become a badass in and out of the gym.  So when we talk about the top 3 mistakes people make when training to get in shape, instead of focusing on what workout you shouldn't do or what not to eat, we focus on things that allow you to truly take charge of your health and fitness.

So if you are struggling to get in shape and look your best here are a few common mistakes to avoid...  

  1. Lack of Focus.  We get it, life is stressful and you have a million things on your mind.  It's not easy to let go of life's worries, so you can focus on the task at hand, but that is often the very thing that is getting in the way of your fitness results.  You run into the gym still thinking about your kids/a phone call/what you have to do after your workout.  Then you find yourself distracted by your to-do list while your coach is giving you instructions.  You move through your workout with fleeting moments of focus. Simply put you aren't present.  Your body is at the gym, but your mind is somewhere else.  This lack of focus keeps you from paying attention to your body, coach, movement, effort, and intensity.  When you go through the motions, you will not get the training results you desire.   
  2. Lack of a Program.  There are tons of fitness options out there.  Classes at gyms, at home workouts, etc.  You jump from gym to gym, class to class, challenge to challenge.  You feel like you are getting a good workout with each activity you do, but you aren't seeing results.  The problem is you don't have a program based on your goals.  Without a structured program you will keep spinning your wheels and getting frustrated. 
  3. Lack of Consistency.  Life gets in the way and you miss your third workout of the week every week this month.  That adds up to 4 workouts missed that month, which is a more than a full week of training.  We often don't realize how seemingly small lapses in consistency with our training adds up.  Over time that one day missed per week adds up to weeks of no training and a lack of results. 

If you truly want to make changes in your body and health it will require you being present, following a goal-oriented program and being consistent.  The cool thing about Knockout is our program is designed to help you with all 3 of those things in order to move you closer to your goals.
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