How to Get in Shape without Dieting

Jessica Lewis working with a member at Knockout Training ClubGetting in shape, losing fat and looking & feeling your best doesn't have to be a chore.  Contrary to popular belief you don't have to diet, spend your life in the gym, or kill yourself with every workout! Here is the simple, realistic formula we use with our members that gets sustainable results...

  1. Strength Train.  If your goal is to lose fat and change your body this needs to be the bread and butter of your program.  Do a full body strength workout 3 times per week.  Our Knockout Training program does this by focusing on 5 essential movements in every workout and we encourage you to do the same.  Lower body push (i.e. squat, lunge), lower body pull (i.e. deadlift), upper body push (i.e. push-up), upper body pull (i.e. bent-over row), core (i.e. plank, loaded carry).  When you are getting started you can get a great workout with bodyweight alone (here's a great workout to try). 
  2. Walk/Cardiac Output.  You can't crush your body in the gym everyday and expect it to thank you with muscle definition and no injuries.  You have to vary your intensity and maintain an active lifestyle.  We encourage all our members to walk or do some light movement (i.e. bike riding, yoga, mobility training, etc) 2-4 days per week.  This can be done for 10-60 minutes per session.  And truthfully walking daily is even better (even just 10 minutes).
  3. Sleep.  To reap the benefits of your time in the gym and to see results you MUST sleep 7-8 hours per night.  Sleep has a much greater impact on your fitness success than people realize.  So be sure to get some zzz's.
  4. Plan your meals.  Dialing in your nutrition is key to seeing results.  The number one thing you can do to improve your nutrition is plan your meals.  Start with one meal and work on planning it for a few weeks, once you've got that down move on to the next meal.  Before you know it you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner planned out each week making shopping and staying on top of your nutrition effortless. 

The Knockout formula...

Strength Training + Walking + Sleep + Plan/Eat 3 Balanced Meals per day

It will take some time get all these pieces in place.  Start with one of the 4 things listed above and once that becomes effortless move onto the next. It's a journey! Quick results never last, so embrace the process and create a healthy lifestyle that allows you to look and feel your best without stress.

If you struggle to exercise on your own and need some guidance with following the right program for you, we are here to help! Request a free class and start your journey to fitness success.