Kettlebell Training at Knockout!

Coach Jess SFG1 doing a Kettlebell turkish get upWe are excited to launch Kettlebell Training at Knockout!

Knockout approaches kettlebell & strength training using the StrongFirst philosophy & system. StrongFirst is The School of Strength! Kettlebell training is a practice.  This means that when you embark on your kettlebell training journey at Knockout it's not just a workout.  It's a discipline and the focus will be mastering the foundational skills.

We want you to be prepared with what to expect and know how to best get started. 

Our Kettlebell team training classes will be open to all current & new students starting June 1st, 2017.   Our Kettlebell team training classes will have the pre-req of a private session or Kettlebell Skills Clinic before entry. We invite anyone interested to schedule a private session with Coach Jess SFG1 to learn the basics. 

We take safety very seriously and while a kettlebell alone cannot hurt you, without proper instruction training kettlebells with poor form can hurt you.  This is why we have the pre-req in place.  During a private session or clinic Coach Jess will assess your movement and teach you the skills needed to progress to our team training.  

Depending on your fitness level, movement abilities and technique Coach Jess may require you to continue working on the basics before entering our team training.  There are certain markers students need to master before swinging a kettlebell.  All students must be able to properly and safely perform a kettlebell deadlift in order participate in our team training classes.  Everyone's journey is different, but the goal is to get stronger safely!

Our team training classes will be skill, strength and conditioning based.  We will start by focusing on skill instruction.  Each class we will work on building strength with the swing, Turkish get-up, clean, squat and press.  We will end class with a finisher/complex. 

StrongFirst Level 1 Skills

If you truly want to be strong inside and out, we invite you to begin your StrongFirst kettlebell journey with us! If you are ready to learn, focus and master the skills our kettlebell training is for you, but if you are just looking to workout and burn calories we won't be a good fit.  Our practices will not have the goal of "how many", "how fast", and "how much", we will focus on proper form, position, skill and building strength. 

If you have questions about kettlebell training, don't hesitate to contact Coach Jess

Our Kettlebell training is conducted by StrongFirst trainer and certified instructors.