Knockout S&C Training Week of 2/20/17

Knockout Training Club coach performing battling ropes drillMonday: TEAMWORK
Work with a partner and get it done! While your partner does 10 reps of a strength move, you will busting your butt with a metabolic drill and then you switch roles. Team work makes the dreamwork!

Tuesday: WARRIOR
Work at your once pace through 9 drills for 40 minutes getting in as many sets as you can. Channel your inner warrior and conquer!

Wednesday: HEAT
Turn up the heat with this fast-paced conditioning workout.  6 stations of two drills utilizing a 25/10 work:rest intervals including battling rope, ladders, ball slams and more.

Thursday: MIGHTY
Team up for 3 seven minute AMRAP rounds.  Each round contains a strength and core move for a set number of reps.  You and your team can work at your own pace during each round.  Plus a metabolic finisher to cap it off!

Friday: ROGUE
Get through AMRAP in 7 minutes at 3 different stations. Each station includes a strength and core based drill. And top it off with an I go You go metabolic finisher!

Saturday: TUFF GIRL
Awaken your Tuff Girl with 3 rounds of 6 different strength & metabolic drills done for 35:15 intervals! You will focus on core, strength and kicking ass together!