Di's Knockout Story: Fitness can be Fun!

Photo of Knockout Training Club Member Di with daughterRead Knockout Di's Knockout Story about how KOTC made fitness fun & inclusive!

What was your biggest fear or concern before starting at KOTC?
I really wanted to be able to feel comfortable learning everything. I feared that I'd quit. I really really wanted to stick to something that I liked...

How did you overcome that fear or concern to take a shot and become a Knockout?
I felt at home and I really enjoyed hitting shit.

What was your biggest health & fitness struggle and how did KOTC help you overcome it?
I had a child and kind of let myself go a little. I was working out at a gym before I came here and was really bored. I was never consistent with going all of the time. KOTC makes fitness a ton of fun for me. I don't ever want to miss a class. There are times I have to cancel a class when I have a scheduling conflict and it just throws me off.

How is your life different now that you're a Knockout?
I feel stronger.

What would you say to someone interested in joining KOTC that is nervous to get started?
Omg... girl.. don't be. ???? KOTC is a sisterhood of awesomeness and we accept everyone with open arms. ????

Is there anything else about your KOTC experience that you want to share with the world?
I'm so happy I joined. I've met so many wonderful, tough and supportive women. I'm not bored with my workouts anymore and I feel great!