Knockout S&C Training Week of 2/6/17

dwlimages1-6Monday:  HEAT
Turn up the heat with this fast-paced conditioning workout.  6 stations of two drills utilizing a 25/10 work:rest intervals including battling rope, ladders, ball slams and more.

Tuesday:  CLIMB
Partner up and climb the ladder through 4 rounds of strength drills.  Each round has 2 strength moves that you will ladder down in reps.  And of course there is a sweet metabolic finisher!

Wednesday:  TAPOUT
Working in teams of 3 you will hit 4 stations each with 3 drills.  Killer mix of strength & conditioning in 20:15 intervals.  Plus a nice little glute and core finisher!

Thursday:  GRIT
Work in teams or solo through 10 stations of strength and conditioning drills for reps at your own pace. You will have 35 minutes to get through the workout as many times as possible

Friday:  WARRIOR
Work at your once pace through 9 drills for 40 minutes getting in as many sets as you can.  Channel your inner warrior and conquer!

Saturday:  TEAMWORK
Work with a partner and get it done! While your partner does 10 reps of a strength move, you will busting your butt with a metabolic drill and then you switch roles. Team work makes the dreamwork!