Knockout S&C Training Week of 1/23/17

Monday: FURY
Non-stop fury of action working 3 drills per station. Each station includes a strength & metabolic moves. 45+20+20 = a minute and a half of awesomeness times 4 rounds!

Tuesday: GRIT
Work in teams or solo through 10 stations of strength and conditioning drills for reps at your own pace. You will have 35 minutes to get through the workout as many times as possible

Wednesday: KISS IT
Keep it through 6-7 stations of strength and metabolic drills for 35 seconds with 15 seconds rest.  End with a EMOM finisher!

Thursday: CRAZY 8's
Partner up and work through 3 circuits of strength and conditioning drills. Each circuit has 4 exercises you will perform for 8 reps each. You and your partner or team will get through as many sets as you can in 6 minutes and then move on to the next circuit.