Knockout S&C Workouts Week of 12/27/16

Monday:  Gym Closed

Tuesday: Coach Jessie's Pick - STRONG (HER):
You are your partners work through 3 exercises per station for reps to complete as many sets as possible in 5 minutes. Each station includes a strength, core and conditioning/metabolic drills. Leave stronger!

Wednesday: Coach Jessie's and Kt's Pick - Boom 
Teams of 4 work together through 6 minute rounds of strength, metabolic and core drills. Get in as many sets as you can with your hinge, squat, slam, push and pull for a set number of reps.

ThursdayCoach Katie's Pick - MANIAC
Work in teams of 3 through 5 stations. Each station includes 3 drills; a strength, metabolic and core drill. Your team will do each drill for 25 seconds and rest for 15 seconds between each drill for 3 sets and then move to the next station.