Knockout S&C Workouts Week of 12/19/16

Monday: POISON
Work in teams of 2-3 to master the 5 KO Essential movements. You will get to pick your poison at each of the 5 stations focused on 1 movement complete for reps.

Tuesday: FURY
Non-stop fury of action working 3 drills per station.  Each station includes a strength & metabolic moves.  45+20+20 = a minute and a half of awesomeness times 4 rounds!

Wednesday: PUSH
Push yourself through 5 stations of focused strength work and top it off with a crazy finisher or conditioning fun!

Thursday: BOOM
Teams of 4 work together trough 6 minute rounds of strength, metabolic and core drills. Get in sets as you hinge, squat, slam, push and pull for a set number of reps.