Knockout S&C Workouts Week of 11/28/16

Monday: CRAZY 8'S
Partner up and work through 3 circuits of strength and conditioning drills.  Each circuit has 4 exercises Yyou will perform for 8 reps each. You and your partner or team will get through as many sets as you can in 6 minutes and then move on to the next circuit. 

Tuesday: 3 by 1
TRX, KB and TURF! 3 stations, 3 pieces of equipment and 1 killer workout! Teams of 4 workout through 1-arm and 1-leg drills to improve strength, balance and core power! 

Wednesday: SUPERSET
Teams of 2 work on 2 supersets per station. You will work each exercise for 30 seconds with 15 seconds to transition.  A little balance work, strength training and slamming, springing and maybe a few burpees ;)

Thursday: BEAST MODE
Squat, slam, crawl...and do it again! Variations of squatting, hinging, slamming and crawling combined to give you a kick ass full body training session.