Introducing KO 101!

dwlimages8On December 5th, 2016 we are launching our new introductory series KO 101. This class will be offered to Knockouts on a trial membership only. KO 101 is a semi-private instructional session with a max of 6 Knockouts per class. Each trial member will get 2 complimentary KO101 classes with the purchase of their trial membership and this will be the first class you start with on your Knockout Journey. Once you attend your first KO 101 class you are welcome to attend any other classes on our schedule and you have 1 additional KO 101 class you can take at any point during your 3 week trial.

KO 101 is designed to help you nail the form on our KO Essential movements and boxing basics. Each class will go over the form and technique of the hinge, squat, push, pull and proper core mechanics along with jumping rope, wrapping hands, stance and basic punches. Our focus in KO 101 is instructional vs getting in a workout (there will be a workout component, but the main portion of the class is instructional).  Plus the beauty of the small class size is we are able to assess your skill level and make the necessary modifications to ensure you are moving well and give you individualized coaching to help you progress effectively.  

Our goal is to set you up for success in all your training with us. We realize there is a lot to learn with strength training and boxing which can make getting started overwhelming and intimidating, so our KO 101 class gives you the guidance you need to train safely & effectively and feel awesome about getting started at Knockout! 

This new class will not only prep you for our KO Boxing and KO Strength & Conditioning classes, but will also acclimate you to your club, community and philosophy. Our KO Community is here to welcome you with open arms and support you in & out of the gym! Plus our KO Coaches are here to make sure you have a blast, while learning to move & feel better!

We are excited to have you give KO 101 and Knockout a try! Please visit our Get Started Page to begin your Knockout Journey!

KO 101 currently offered on Tuesday at 10am and 7:15pm!

If you are a newer Knockout who is currently on an auto-pay membership and interested in this class, please reach out to Coach Jess.  We may be opening this to current KO members for a fee.