Knockout S&C Workouts Week of 11/14/16

Monday: MANIC 
Let's do it again! Work in teams of 3 through 5 stations. Each station includes 3 drills; a strength, metabolic and core drill. Your team will do each drill for 25 seconds and rest for 15 seconds between each drill for 3 sets and then move to the next station.

Tuesday: TUFF GIRL
Build your strength plus amp it up with a sprinkling of conditioning. You and your partner will crawl, lunge, row, hinge and push for 3 rounds full body fun. Each round contains 6 drills. Each drill is 35 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest.

Partner up and work through 7 rounds of strength and metabolic drill supersets. Each round is 4 minutes long and you will do your strength move for reps while your partner does the metabolic drill until you finish. Team work at its best!

3 drills x 3 sets x 3 teammates.  Work 25 second intervals with your crew.  You will hit all your main functional movements with a conditioning drill in-between!