2016 Knockout Gift Guide

4f575676-c187-4e9a-aca7-c973429d8b06Here is our 2016 Knockout Gift Guide.  All the must-have items for the Knockout in your life.  Share this with your loved ones to help them figure out the best gifts for you this holiday season!

 What to buy the Knockout in your life: 

  1. Quality boxing gloves designed for women. We carry two awesome glove brands, Society Nine and Machina.  They are specifically designed for women’s hands and are top notch quality.  Machina is a snugger fit width-wise, while Society Nine tends to work best for women with shorter fingers/small hands.  Obviously there is a lot of personal preference involved in finding the right glove.  Have your KO give each a try on at the gym and she can report back to you on which ones she wants.  You can email us to purchase and pick up.
  2. Punch mitts. Good quality punch mitts are a must for your KO boxer.  It’s always nice to have all your own gear and having punch mitts allows you to train on the go with friends too. You can pick these up at KO too, just shoot us an email.
  3. Hydroflask. The mother of all water bottles, Hydroflasks are a KO fav! They keep your water ICE cold for hours (even in our hot ass gym in the middle of summer).  Heck might as well get one for yourself too! We have a few 24oz bottles in stock or you can purchase online
  4. Buddy Lee Jump Rope. Whether you are boxing or lifting at KO, jumping rope is part of our training and having the right length jump is key to mastering it.  Buddy Lee’s are the top pick of KO’s and are adjustable to your height, making perfecting jump rope so much easier. We have a few in stock or you can purchase online.
  5. Heavy bag. Some of our KO’s like to practice outside of the gym so we recommend a hanging heavy bag to use in the basement or garage (those sand fill bags that sit on the floor suck, so don’t bother).  Everlast and TKO are great brands. You will want a bag that’s at least 75lbs and leather or synthetic leather.  Canvas bags aren’t recommended.  Also shop local Play It Again Sports, so many people sell their unused heavy bags at the fraction of the regular price and then you don’t have to pay shipping.
  6. TRX. Sometimes you need to train at home or on the go.  We highly recommend the TRX to all our KO’s so you can get some movement in whenever and wherever. It’s worth every penny! Purchase online
  7. Foam Roller. Your Knockout spends hours a week busting her butt to get strong and healthy and recovery is key to reaping the benefits of her hard work.  Having a foam rolling at home to combat soreness is a great gift to keep her training week after week. Purchase online.
  8. Kettlebell. This portable training tool is great for getting in some training at KO or on the go.  We use this bad boy in our classes all the time and having one of her own will allow her the ability to train and practice outside of KO.  We’d recommend getting her a 8, 10 and/or 12kg kettle bell. Purchase online.
  9. Boxing/training shoes. Getting an effective workout starts with your feet.  And while I’m a HUGE proponent of barefoot training, most of our Knockouts prefer shoes for boxing and training.  I highly recommend the Title Boxing Shoes and Adidas Wrestling Shoe for boxing.  As for training, I love the New Balance Minimus and the Reebok Crossfit Nano.
  10. Gym Bag. Keeping your gear together and accessible is key to making it to the gym.  Hook your Knockout up with a shiny new gym bag.  We love the Under Armour Undeinable bag (really any UA bag rocks)! Bonus ventilated compartment for laundry or shoes…to help prevent a stinky gym bag. Purchase online.


And here are some random Coach Jess and KO Coaches “fitness-ish” favorite items:

  1. Thinx. Yep period underwear! These bad boys are comfortable as heck and work awesome! I didn’t believe it until I tried them and now I’m hooked.  It makes working out during that time of the month more comfortable. Purchase online.
  2. Schmidt’s Deodorant. Stocking stuffer gift! This cruelty free deodorant works great minus all the harsh chemicals of regular deodorant. Purchase online.
  3. DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo. Another awesome stocking stuffer here.  I’m all about cruelty free and this amazing smelling dry shampoo doesn’t test on animals and works great! Absorbs oil like a champ! Sometimes you just don’t have time to wash your hair and hell washing your hair every other day is better for it anyway, so arm your KO with a tool to keep her looking good and saving time! Purchase at Ulta Stores or Ulta.com.
  4. Apple Watch. Yea I know it’s a big ticket item, but I had to include it.  I got mine in September and love it! While I’m not a huge fan of activity trackers, the Apple Watch is so much more.  Yes, I love the activity features of the breath and stand up reminders, but it’s also a great tool for staying accountable with your training schedule at a glance on the calendar, sharing your activity with friends and using the pre-programmed workouts on the go. Purchase at Apple.com or Target Stores.
  5. Headphones. While I’m not a big headphone wearer our KO Coach Lauren is and she highly recommends Yurbuds! She used these for her half marathon and says they didn’t fall out and are sweat proof! Purchase online.
  6. Deodorant wipes. More stocking stuffers! Pacifica deodorant wipes are great for freshening up after a workout if you have to go in public LOL. Purchase Online or at Ulta Stores.
  7. Make-up wipes. One final stocking stuffer.  Working out with makeup on is not great for your skin, so having a good make-up wipe is key to training with a clean face.  I love Honest Beauty and Pacifica wipes.  Both are cruelty free and work great! Purchase online or at Ulta Stores.
Happy shopping everyone! We hope you all have a healthy, happy holiday season!