Women-Only Boxing Club Brings Fitness Focus to New Classes

2014-03-1525WESTMONT, IL (Sept. 19, 2016) — Knockout Women’s Boxing Club (95 West 61st Street) announces the addition of several new and exciting fitness-focused classes to its Fall schedule. Nearly 100 women already attend Knockout’s boxing classes, and owner Jessica Storch says she believes these changes will make Knockout the go-to place for women to get all of their fitness training in the western suburbs.


“By adding KO Fitness Classes, we’re making Knockout Women’s Boxing Club a one-stop shop for women’s health and fitness,” owner and Chicago Golden Gloves champion Jessica Storch says. “If our members want to box, awesome, we can help with that. If they want to improve their strength, get fit and train effectively, we can help with that now, too.”


Since the club first opened in 2011, the classes have varied, but boxing has remained the one constant. For the past two years, though, only boxing classes have been offered, and Storch began to feel that something was missing. An outspoken advocate of women’s strength training, she had already started to incorporate semi-private strength classes into the schedule. Their popularity, buoyed in large part by the gym’s body-positive environment, spurred Storch to consider adding other types of classes as well.


“As a fitness professional, I continue to see an unrealistic and even dangerous message about women’s strength and fitness,” Storch says. “I’m passionate about busting those myths and promoting a real, science-based approach to training that isn’t full of gimmicks and quick fixes. These new classes are just the beginning. I hope in the next 5-6 months we can offer even more.”


The KO Fitness Classes will help women develop their overall strength, core strength, stamina and power while helping them move better, stay injury-free and build confidence. Many of the gym’s members joined because of the safe, supportive environment Knockout offers women. Storch says she thinks the new classes will give them an opportunity to push themselves more and test their abilities in a setting that’s both encouraging and empowering.


“Here they can be vulnerable and take risks without worrying what others think,” Storch says. “Women need a place that pushes them while also accepting them. We already do this in our boxing classes, and now we can provide women with a well-rounded training approach that goes beyond boxing.”


The new class schedule starts this week. For more information, visit knockoutwomensboxing.com and check out our New Student Page.


About Knockout Women’s Boxing

Knockout Women’s Boxing Club began seven years ago in a tiny martial arts studio. Founder and owner Jessica Storch taught classes to a small group of dedicated women while working to achieve her total vision of a unique, independent, women-only boxing and training facility. In 2011, Jessica took her fifteen years of fitness industry experience, five years in the mental health field and three years of competitive boxing experience, and opened the doors to Knockout Women’s Boxing Club in Westmont, Illinois. As the lone women-only boxing club in the Midwest, Knockout offers effective, challenging and safe training programs that emphasize the personal support and community needed for women to make lasting change.