Class names back to Knockout Boxing Workout

2014-03-1534For the past 3 months we have tested out utilizing different class names indicating the class format to see if that had an impact on attendance and we've found there have been no changes.  So effective August 1st, 2016 all classes will be titled Knockout Boxing Workout once again.  Most of our Knockouts attend classes based on day and time NOT class format or type.  Opening the official class names back up to Knockout Boxing Workout will allow me as a coach to format every class as I see fit verses having to stick to the named format of the class.  We will continue to offer bag work, pad work and conditioning drills in classes, but we will be changing things up to add some variety into our weekly routine.  

Mondays and Tuesdays for as long as I can remember have been "skill" based and we've primarily focused on bag and pad work.  While Wednesdays and Thursdays have been "conditioning" based and we've focused on conditioning drills on and off the bag.  Going forward we are gonna shake things up a bit.  So you might get a bit of conditioning in a Monday class or some skill work in a Thursday class.  

I'm excited more flexibility and the freedom to utilize drills in all classes based on the needs, wants, energy and abilities of the students in each particular class.