WGN Story About Knockout

On Tuesday June 21st, Marcus Leshock from WGN News came in to do a story on Knockout Women's Boxing Club.  We had 24 of our awesome Knockouts jumping rope, shadow boxing, hitting the bags and running pads to showcase what KO is all about.  After the class filming Marcus sat down to interview me and learn more about why I started KO and what we are all about.  

This is an exciting opportunity for Knockout to get exposure and spread our mission of empowering women.  The story will be airing around the second week of July.  I will keep everyone posted on the specific air time once I know the details. 

Thank you again to Marcus, WGN and all the Knockouts who came out to make this event such an amazing experience!

We are thrilled to see Knockout on the News, attract new members and hopefully encourage women everywhere to step off the scale and start training for health!