I'm A Knockout Challenge

At Knockout we don't focus on quick fixes or diets. We don't host weight loss contests or market with before and after pictures!

At Knockout we empower women to be their best in all areas of their lives. We promote health, strength, courage, confidence, and happiness. We push our Knockouts to move their bodies, embrace a healthy lifestyle and take care of themselves mentally and physically.

So to show the world what being a Knockout is all about we are hosting a 28 day "I'm A Knockout" social media challenge from May 1st through the 28th. We have daily prompts for you to post about on social media (Facebook or Instagram). You can interpret the prompt however you'd like and share an image, post, video, etc. based on your interpretation of the prompt and us hashtag #imaknockout.

The goal of this challenge is to spread the Knockout message of empowerment and health!


Here's how it works....For example, Day 4 "Body Positive Post It" I could write "you are amazing just the way you are" on a sticky not, post in a public bathroom and take a photo to post of social media.  Or for Day 16 "Most Memorable Athletic Moment" I could share a photo of me winning the Chicago Golden Gloves.  The possibilities for each prompt are endless.  Each day of the challenge is designed to get you to think about health, happiness, and success in a broader sense.  Approach each daily prompt with a Knockout Mindset! Have fun with it! Get creative and inspire others!

Let's make May an amazing month of motivation, inspiration and determination! You never know who will be reading your post or see your image during the challenge and think "damn I needed that today"!