Knockout Training Audio Round 1

Becoming a boxer takes a lot of time, practice and repetition. It's a complex sport that takes athletes years to master. For most of us that have no plans of stepping in the ring, boxing is a great workout, stress release, and fun way to improve our health. And while you aren't interested in the contact aspect of the sport, mastering the sport is where it's true value lies for the recreational boxer. When you participate in a sport for recreational purposes, you often don't have as much time as you'd like to dedicate to the craft, so having tools you can use outside of the gym is key to mastery and success. This is why I have created and launched our first ever training audio.

This tool is not instructional in nature, it's purpose is to supplement and enhance you current boxing training & knowledge. You will get 5 rounds of basic level boxing combinations that include the jab, cross, slipping, covering and popping back. Purchase today to shadow box, hit the heavy bag or run pads with a partner outside the gym.