When you want to give up...

IMG_1411It’s tough for me to sit down, relax and be lazy. As a business owner I always feel I have a million things on my to do lists and I pretty much work 7 days a week, so it’s hard to make time to just chill. While yes being self-employed has it’s never ending feelings of “do more”, “can’t stop”, “what if’s”, “there’s not enough time”, and the weight of your success or failure on shoulders every minute, simply being passionate about what I do creates a ton of pressure for me as well. All I think about is work, it’s just who I am. I am living my dream and am passionate about what I do, so it’s hard to escape the constant thoughts related to work. I have done a lot, but I have so much more I want to do.


Time to get real…I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I want to give up. When the stresses of running the business start to weigh me down, there are days I don’t want to do it anymore. I have moments when I envy those people that have a job where they can punch out and the success of the company they work for isn’t directly their responsibility (but of course the grass is always greener on the other side, right). When membership enrollment is down, cancellations are up, apparel issues arise, projects don’t unfold as expected, and technical difficulties are leading the day I have times where my strength and determination wane and I want to throw my hands up and be done. I don’t feel like this because I don’t love what I do because I do. I feel blessed and grateful every day of my life for the opportunity to live my dream. But truth is we all have days, days where life feels heavy and we want a break.


I love what I do! I have amazing members that remind me all the time that there is a reason for what I am doing. I get to empower women, build them up and make them feel good about themselves. I get to smile from the inside out when I see my members having fun, developing friendships, mastering new skills and building confidence. (I’m assuming it’s a similar feeling to a mother watching her child grow and succeed at even the smallest of things). I’m a lucky girl for sure!


I have realized in the past few years I am not super human. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe…Coach Jess is in fact a human being LOL. I use to think I was superwoman, that I could do it all. I didn’t need help, I could work crazy hours without an issue, I could manage everything, I could successfully execute any & every project, keep my house clean, finances in order, social life going and I’d be happy, healthy and kicking ass. Well with some experience, maturity and wisdom, I’ve learned that is not possible. I am human and I get burnt out. Admitting that in the past would have killed me, how could I let on that I couldn’t maintain this insane busy entrepreneur life? Now admitting I am human and I can’t do it all without losing my mind is a relief. Sharing that I am vulnerable to burn out and that everything that comes with living your dream isn’t perfect is a weight off my shoulder.


I still have a tendency to take on took much, worry too much and burn the candle at both ends, but now I have people in my life and have grown some and know I need breaks. Minus my crazy fever and sickness leading up to Thanksgiving, I am happy to report I got to enjoy 4 days off and it felt great. Yea Matt and I did a little work on Knockout Print Shop, but other than that I pretty much sat on my ass. In fact Sunday I stayed in my PJs all-day and lounged. I can’t remember the last time I did that. And boy did I need a lazy long weekend.


I put a ton of energy into everything I do and into every one of my members. I love it, but it takes a toll. Anyone who works a service job (or takes care of others) can tell you, putting everything you have into others and loving on people requires a lot of energy. And after years of fighting it, I now realize I can’t expend all that energy and not fill my tank back up. If I wait too long to refuel, I just get short tempered, frustrated, irritated…I could go on and on (or you can ask poor Matt, he can tell you all about it LOL).


So I want to say thank you to each of my Knockouts for respecting my need for time off. I know many other gyms, health clubs and studios remain open on the weekends following a holiday and I’m sure many of you wish Knockout was open, so I want to thank you for your support, love and understanding. It means a lot to me. While I do have help from Carmen, Lullo and Steph, the weight of the gym is on my shoulders and sometimes I just need some time away to recharge my batteries. Now that I’ve had some rest, I feel refreshed and ready to kick your butts.


Thank you again for being Knockouts! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed the time off with family and friends. Now it’s time to get back to work until Christmas! We will be closed again for Christmas December 24th- 27th and New Year’s December 31st – January 3rd. After that we are ready to rock 2016 and won’t be closed again for quite some time.

Jessica Storch, MA is a boxing coach, personal trainer, health coach and owner of Knockout Women's Boxing Club in Westmont, IL. Her mission is to empower women to be their best through the sport of boxing. She promotes a health focused mentality and encourages women to let go of the diet mentality. Jessica believes weight loss doesn't equal health and works with women to support them in building healthy lifestyles and happy lives.