I am grateful for...

dwlimages25I sat down to write this blog and I couldn’t land on a solid idea or place to start. I knew I wanted to write about gratitude, not only because it’s Thanksgiving, but also because it’s such a huge part of my life. I strongly believe that gratitude is the driving force behind change and success. But I couldn’t get anything I liked down on paper; nothing felt right. I think I was trying to write too grand a post and needed to bring myself back down to Earth. Which ironically enough is exactly what gratitude is all about…being humble and thankful as opposed to focus on narcissistic wants.


I think with me working on & spending more energy on the blog and developing the Knockout brand outside the 4 walls of the gym, I had a moment where I was more focused on quantity of readers than authenticity and quality of writing. I guess that moment was perfect because once I realized what was happening mentally for me the very thing I needed was exactly what I was trying to write about…Gratitude.


So instead of writing for the masses, trying to be perfect or posting something that was more about quantity, I am back to my happy place and am simply here to say it’s important to be grateful for all things, people and experiences in your life (good or bad).


Every year I like to share with you my gratitudes. I think it is incredibly important to share thanks with others. One of the reasons Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday is because of the intention of gratitude behind it. Gratitude is a powerful thing. It releases us from complaints, expectations, frustrations and doubts. It keeps us grounded and allows us the opportunity to do and be more.


Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. ~William Arthur Ward


So this year I am grateful for...

  1. My amazing fiancé Matt and the unconditional love and support he gives me and my dreams
  2. My Knockouts for believing in our message and showing the world that woman can be feminine and tough
  3. My dogs, Champ & Nala, for their love, companionship and smiles they give us every day.
  4. My staff for giving me the opportunity to take some time away from the gym as well as allowing me to focus on important things within the business to keep it growing and improving.
  5. My assistant coach, side-kick, hype-girl, sister from another mother and great friend Carmen for her unwavering dedication to me, the gym and the happiness of our Knockouts. She is one hell of a girl and I don’t know what I’d do without her.
  6. My new hobby, planners and crafts, for giving me a creative outlet and something just for me that I am passionate about and can have fun with (It took me years to discover a hobby and I know how priceless this joy is)
  7. My home for providing me with stability, a safe haven, comfort, love and a place to create a life with my family.
  8. My debt for teaching me the importance of discipline, priorities, determination and hard work. While I would love to be debt free, knowing I have control over it and am on a road to debt freedom, I have learned so much!
  9. My favorite TV show, The Walking Dead, for giving me an hour each week to mentally check out and enjoy others rock their craft.
  10. My growing business for showing me that hard work pays off and that the impossible can happen if you work for it.
  11. My bath time for giving me some much needed relaxing “me time” a few times a week so I can recharge & unwind.
  12. My amazing engagement weekend with Matt, for showing me that true love does exist and there are great men out there.
  13. My vacation this year for giving me more time off then I ever thought I could have and give me the opportunity to disconnect and unplug. All thanks again to my great staff for making it possible!
  14. My Knockouts of the past for always loving on Knockout whether you are current member or not. And being part of our community whether you are near or far.
  15. My current Knockouts for your hard work, love and encouragement of each other.
  16. My luxuries. I have many nice things I never thought I’d be able to afford and while I am a frugal person, I feel incredibly grateful that I am in a position to buy things that make my life a little easier.
  17. My ability to exercise and my body. My training routine has changed throughout the years along with my body and while there are times I get down on myself (We all have body issues at times), I am so grateful I can lift, punch, move, walk, stretch and push my body. I am grateful for all my body has done for me and that it is healthy and strong.
  18. My family for always supporting me and expressing their pride in me. I know that not everyone gets to hear that from their family and I am very grateful my family always shares that with me.
  19. That I have money to purchase the food that nourishes my body and soul. For giving me nourishment, comfort and helping me better understand my body.
  20. My new ventures and those to come. I love running the gym, but there will come a time when doing so doesn’t fit my needs, wants and goals. I am grateful that I have the ability to test out new ventures and find new ways to expand the Knockout brand for future success.
  21. Swing sets, stickers, slides, coloring books and more for giving me the chance to be a kid, have fun, be silly and experience the moment.
  22. My accountant for always helping me make the most of the gyms finances and celebrating in my business’s success.
  23. My overpriced coffee drinks for giving me comfort, connection and routine.
  24. My new found planner girl communities for giving me an outlet and new group of like-minded women that I can connect with.
  25. My craft room/office for providing me with a space for creativity, solitude, peace and fun.
  26. My business mistakes for teaching me priceless lessons and making me a better person and business owner.
  27. My life for not being perfect, having ups and downs, challenging me, and always giving me exactly what I need when I need it.


Honestly this list could go on and on. I am grateful for some many things in my life and world. I often find myself frustrated and sometimes burnt out, but when I take the time to remember all that I am grateful for it inspires me to keep going. So thank you for reading this and I hope you will share your gratitude with those you love.