Plum Paper Designs Planner Review & How To

Screen-Shot-2014-11-26-at-8.37.12-PMMany of you have shared with me you are interested in the Plum Paper Design Planner I mentioned in my Jan-June 2015 Favorite Things blog, so I thought I'd do a post and video reviewing the planner and how I use it. 

Where did I get it?
PlumPaperDesigns Etsy Shop
Cost:  $56.25 with add-ons & shipping
Shipping:  took about 3-4 weeks

First of all, I love this planner! Let me tell you why...
1.  You can pick any month of the year as your start month (so no waiting until Jan or June)
2.  You can choose to get 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 months in your planner
3.  You can customize your cover
4.  It's durable and the paper is great quality
5.  You can add on sections for further customization.  I chose these add-ons as separated tabbed sections at the back of my planner.  There are other add-ons besides these and some, such as Notes and To-Do's can also be dispersed throughout the months or put in as a tabbed section.  Just be sure to make note of the max about of add-on pages allowed for the planner which is based on how many months you chose.  With my 12 month planner I could add on 75 pages.
     a.  Blog Section
     b.  To-Do Section
     c.  Notes Section
     d.  Bills (I had this added at the end of the month not as a tabbed section)
6.  There is tons of space to write, add stickers and use the planner for your personal needs
7.  The coil is also durable and doesn't destroy the planner pages like some inexpensive planners
8.  The customer service was great and even thought it takes a while to ship (4-6 weeks) it's worth the wait.
9.  It keeps my life in order.  I can plan work, personal, health and financial things all in one planner (my pervious organizational situation was a mess, I think I had 3 planners and my iPhone
10.  Great price! For what you get $30-$60 isn't bad at all!

So let me explain how I use this bad boy...

Monthly Spread:
1.  Birthdays
2.  Events (Personal and Work)
3.  Non-monthly bills (quarterly, annual bills only, monthly bills go in my monthly bill checklist)
4.  Holidays
5.  Vacation/Days Off/Travel
6.  Employee Time Off
7.  Everything is color coded by person

Weekly Spread:
1.  I use Work and Personal Headers for each day and list my daily to-dos
2.  I use the sidebar Weekly Checklist for Weekly To-Dos that aren't specific to a day of the week
3.  I use the bottom Checklist to track/plan Social Media posts
4.  I use the Notes section to track KO Trial Members expiring that week
5.  I use Meal Plan Stickers to plan daily dinners
6.  I use Workout Stickers to plan/schedule my workouts
7.  I use appointment stickers to notate appointments, meetings, etc.
8.  I use a variety of stickers to list things like grocery shopping, garbage day, cleaning, laundry, travel, emails, etc.  
9.  I decorate with fun stickers just because I like stickers...LOL
10.  My weekly spread continues to evolve and change each week as I figure out how to best use the planner for my life

Bill Checklist:
Every month I list my personal bills on one side and business bills on the other side.  I do this the first of each month and pay them all, as well as make any notes about the bill.

Notes Section:
I use this for a variety of things.  I brainstorm and jot down ideas.  I plan out projects, events, meeting agendas, boxing workouts, etc.  

To-Do Section:
I use each quadrant for a major project, event, idea and then list all the To-Do's relate to that particular item. 

Blog Section:
I haven't start using this section yet, but will report back if I do.

Plum Paper Design Stickers:  Blank sheets of colored stickers I added on to the back of the planner.  I use these for headers, customizing sections, noting events.  You can write on them with Sharpies.

Etsy Shops for Stickers: (plus coupon codes)
Oh Hello Stationary Co  Use Promo Code KOTIVATION10 to get 10% off your order
PlannerKate1  Use Promo Code KNOCKOUT15 to get 15%
PlantasticPlanning  Use Promo Code 15OFF to get 15% off your order 
OneOrangeSnowflake  Use Promo Code KNOCKOUT to get 15% off orders $10 or more

**I will be launching some boxing stickers soon for sale at Knockout for you to track, schedule, plan your boxing workouts!

I ordered my plan on 3/12/15, received it 4/2/15 and have been loving it since the day I got it.  I am really enjoying finding the best way to use my planner and keep my work and personal life organized.  How I use it continues to evolve weekly and it's been fun playing around with different ways to lay out my week.  Owning a business, having so many ideas and having to stay on top of so many things can get overwhelming and using this planner has really helped me and alleviated a ton of stress for me.  I love taking the time to decorate and organize my planner each week (I usually do this on Sundays), it's a nice bit of "me" time.  

I highly recommend this planner to anyone looking to get more organized.  Check out my video on how I use it and get an inside look at the planner.  Be sure to use the coupon code BOXING10 to get 10% OFF your PlumPaperDesigns purchase. They also have Wedding Planners, Family Planners, Teacher Planners, Notebooks and more! Let me know if you have any questions!

Jessica Storch, MA is a boxing coach, personal trainer, health coach and owner of Knockout Women's Boxing Club in Westmont, IL. Her mission is to empower women to be their best through the sport of boxing. She promotes a health focused mentality and encourages women to let go of the diet mentality. Jessica believes weight loss doesn't equal health and works with women to support them in building healthy lifestyles and happy lives.