It's All About the "Why", Not the Numbers!

It’s so easy to get caught up in wanting to look a certain way or make a certain amount of money. Our society preaches that looks and money are the keys to happiness and success, but in my opinion this couldn’t be further from the truth. If we don’t stop to ask ourselves what kind of life we want, we will forever be chasing things that leave us feeling empty and purposeless.

Throughout my life I have had times where I was a financial disaster. Bankruptcy, foreclosure, having a financially failing business and living paycheck to paycheck are all things I have endured. I have also had times were I was in top physical Unknownshape, 2 sizes smaller and 25lbs lighter. I’m been physically and financially up and down. The irony is that when my financial life was at it’s worst, by body seemed to be what society would deem at it’s best (though that is not my opinion now). I believe that often when one area of our life feels out of control many of us deal with that by taking excessive control over other areas. And as I look back I think that is what I did. My life felt unpredictable, uncertain, unstable and chaotic, but I could focus on my body and getting it into tiptop shape, which gave me a sense of control.

Over the past 10 years my life has transformed physically and financially. When I filed bankruptcy and lost my house years ago I never could have imagined the financial stability I have today. And if you would have told me years ago I would be comfortable in a softer, heavier version of my body I probably wouldn’t have believed you. So what happened to push me forward and give me a sense of peace and freedom?

I figured out what I kind of life I wanted. I focused on values, lifestyle, health and happiness. None of that equaled a certain dress size or paycheck. I wanted a life that made me feel good inside and out. I wanted a life that had purpose. I wanted to feel healthy and stronger mentally. I wanted stability, independence and self-trust.

You can’t take productive action until you know what you want. Otherwise you keep stabbing in the dark at things that you think will give you happiness, but rarely do. Losing 20lbs and making $10k a year aren’t bad things, but you need to know why you want those things. Do you want to be healthier? Do you want financial freedom? Do you want to be able to move your body more freely? Do you want financial stability or independence? You need the answer to why to move forward. It’s not about he 20lbs or $10k, it’s about changing your life to get the why hidden beneath that surface level goal, that’s what will motivate you day in and day out!

For me, I was sick of feeling powerless and broke. I wanted to be able to pay my bills, enjoy my life and save. I wanted to feel stable, independent and in charge of my financial future. I wanted to be as prepared as I could be for whatever would come my way down the road. When it came to my body, as much as I loved training, I was tired of beating my body up and there being so much focus on my body. I know I am an athlete and my body can do amazing things, but I wanted to feel more balanced, and healthy. Don’t get me wrong I love a good ass kicking workout, but now focusing on my overall health trumps being ripped and killing it in the gym all the time.

Once I decided what kind of life I wanted…one that was healthy, happy, stable and purposeful it became easier to make decisions that aligned with my goals. Saving became effortless and my spending choices changed. I learned how to budget. I educated myself on finances, business, and health. My exercises choices changed, I no longer had to workout daily; I could choose what I needed (physically and mentally) and stick to it. I started putting more nutritious food in my body. I had a plan to get out of debt. I invested in my home and making it a space that feels good to return to daily. I stopped worrying about being a ripped super-fit coach and focused on the quality of my coaching. I wanted to be an inspiration to other women who are stuck or struggling financially or fixated on thinking they have to look a certain way and show them happiness doesn’t LOOK a certain way, it’s about creating the life you want.

When I started taking those action steps life started to open up. I am happier, healthier and more financial stable now then I have ever been. I have more balance in my life with exercise, work, and relationships. I have a healthy relationship with my fiancé and we help each other move forward on our goals to create the life we both want. I know there will always be bumps in the road, unforeseen circumstances that might take me off track for a moment, but with a plan it’s easier to get back on track. I know I do and will have days were I miss my ripped, competitive athlete body, but knowing that the life I have created today feels awesome and has purpose outweighs my looks.

The point of my story is…ask yourself why. And create your life around that why. Don’t worry about being a size 2 or having millions in the bank, neither will guarantee happiness. If you are healthy, stable and living with purpose you have everything you need. You will make mistakes, have slip-ups, and maybe even fall off the wagon, but it’s just about getting back up and continuing on your journey driven by your why. Don’t get stuck on a number on the scale or in your checkbook…invest your time and energy into feeling your best and having a happy, healthy life!

Jessica Storch, MA is a boxing coach, personal trainer, health coach and owner of Knockout Women's Boxing Club in Westmont, IL. Her mission is to empower women to be their best through the sport of boxing. She promotes a health focused mentality and encourages women to let go of the diet mentality. Jessica believes weight loss doesn't equal health and works with women to support them in building healthy lifestyles and happy lives.