Health vs Diet Mentality

It’s Ditch Your Diet Week at Knockout Women’s Boxing Club! Will you accept the challenge to let go of2014-07-1899 the diet mentality and your dieting tools so you can be free once and for all? You don’t need something outside of yourself, like a diet, telling you how, what, or when to eat. You can take your life back by focusing on health and creating lifelong healthy habits.

Building a healthy lifestyle is completely different than following a diet.

Diet Mentality
When you are on a diet you are focused on your weight. All of your food and exercise decisions are based on reducing your body weight and size. Unfortunately, with this mindset people often times make decisions that are far from healthy. The diet mentality keeps you stuck in this “calories in vs. calories out” model that is false and unproductive. You rely on external sources to understand your bodily needs and no longer trust yourself around food. You are constantly in a food fight, feel defeated, and believe your value is wrapped up in your appearance.
Health Mentality
When you focus on health we realize there is more to it than our weight and appearance. You consider the quality of your food and exercise. Quantity in the form of calorie counting, weight, etc. is no longer relevant. You make your food decisions based on nutrient density verses caloric density. You pay closer attention to how foods make you feel. Your relationship with food is based on nourishment and enjoyment. You move your body in ways that make you feel alive. You know when to push yourself and when to rest. You are in tune with what your body needs and trust yourself to fulfill those needs. You know your worth is not based on your appearance.

When we start taking care of our health, our bodies will do what they need to do.

Focusing on our weight and appearance limits us. Remember eating nourishing, tasty food and engaging in exercise we enjoy can help us prevent disease, lengthen our lives, and give us the energy we need to do the amazing things we were put on this planet to do. When we spend more time worrying about the caloric value of a meal and how to burn it off, than ensuring we are giving our bodies adequate nutrition and effective exercise, we lose what is really important...our quality of life.

Together we can help each other start this journey by mastering the first step…Ditch Your Diet! Once that diet mentality is out of here we have more room for creating healthy habits and full life. Join The Challenge!

Take a photo of your getting rid of your diet tools and post it to social media using #ditchyourdiet