5 Tips to Ditch Your Diet Mentality

Running a women’s boxing gym, I’m around women all day, everyday and I hear what they think of their bodies. Women are very good at pointing out their “trouble spots” and making their supposed physical “flaws” known before anyone else can perceive them. Once one body comment is made in a group women there is a snowball effect as the others start to chime in with their own body complaints. In an instant all their greatness, value and worth is reduced to societally created imperfections. DSC03457-Edit-Edit_copy

"In an era where we as women are doing more, we are focused more than ever on being less."

I hope that one day we will live in a world were women won’t be objectified, sex objects, or equate their self worth with how they look. One day maybe we can live in a world where women and men spend more time looking within, creating a healthy life and becoming their personal best verses pursuing something that isn’t real.

As hard as this may be to believe health and appearance aren’t equal. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Health and happiness are inside jobs. We must learn to nourish and nurture our bodies and minds. Here are a few tips to help you learn to focus on tuning in versus looking outside of yourself for building a healthy you:

1. Track it. Get a training logbook or simple notebook and start logging your activity. Write down what you did, the duration, intensity and how you felt afterward. This not only will give you a realistic view of how often you are moving your body, but it will also help you realize when you need breaks, when you need to work harder and what makes you feel the best. It’s all about reconnecting with yourself and discovering what feels good to you. Remember this is all about learning not judgment.

2. Talk about something more important. Ladies you are worth more than your appearance and you have more to offer a conversation then body bashing. When you hear someone start talking about body stuff, refrain from getting sucked in. Change the subject, shift the conversation, share a positive body image thought, or remove yourself from the conversation all-together. To fix your internal dialogue you must stop being part of that type of conversation.

3. Unfriend & unfollow. We see more over sexualized, body focused, destructive images and ads then ever before with social media. It’s time to take a stand and start unfriending and unfollowing any page, person, account that doesn’t jive with the health focused mentality you are working to adopt. If they mention diets, body focused messages, half naked images of themselves, quick fixes, and advice without credibility (meaning actual education)…peace out! Instead spend more time self-reflecting and getting support from those that foster your personal strength.

4. Baby steps. You can’t change your life over night. It takes small consistent effort over time. Slowly integrate new habits. Let’s say you have discovered dairy reeks havoc on your digestive system, you don’t have to go cold turkey off everything dairy, slowly make the transition as you learn what works best for YOU! Integrate new movement & eating habits slowly so they stick. Again it’s a process. You need time to repair your relationship with your body and reconnect with your needs.

5. Ditch your diet tools & trust yourself. This might be the toughest of the 5 tips, but probably the most necessary. Diet tools like scales and skinny clothes do nothing but keep us stuck in the mentality that our current body isn’t good enough and staying externally focused. If we are focused on weighing a certain amount or being a certain size, health takes a backseat. This just in…you can trust yourself with food! News flash you are capable of making healthy choices like moving your body regularly. And you can do it all without diet tools! It’s time to rebuild your self-trust and learn to take care of yourself mentally and physically…a scale, diet book, or skinny clothes can’t help you make real change.

Join us next week for our DITCH YOUR DIET Week! If you are a member at Knockout Women’s Boxing Club we will have our ditch your diet bin at the club for you to dump your scales, diet books, skinny clothes, fitspo images and more. And if you aren’t a member we urge you to join the fight by ditching your diet tools at home. Find the courage to take this step! Yes it’s out of your comfort zone, counter to everything you hear and pretty scary, but I know you can do it!

Take a photo of your Ditch Your Diet moment and use #ditchyourdiet on Facebook & Instagram during the week of April 27th through May 2nd!