Beware of BS Fitness Advice!

One of my Knockouts shared this amazing article with me The Slow Death of Gyms & Fitness: We Were Warned. Please take a moment to read it, then come back and read my response.

Okay you’re back…that article sounded like I wrote it didn’t it? I swear he took the words right out of my mouth.

As a coach/trainer, I have been on a journey of learning and mastering my craft for over a decade. On my coaching journey I have come to realize what is most important in this role is the responsibility I have to my clients. There are so many so-called trainers, coaches, and fitness professionals out there with zero training, edDSC03402-Edit-Edit_copyucation or credibility harmfully advising the masses. I take what I do very seriously. While I know I am not perfect and will continually be developing my skills as a coach, the one thing that will always hold true is to do no harm. I understand the scope of my practice and refer out when I know I am no longer qualified to give advice.

I also don’t prance around in a bikini telling my clients they can look like me by doing what I am doing. I don’t lie. I have integrity. I also tell my clients I will be 150% honest with them. I will not just tell them what they want to hear. Yes I will be compassionate, yes I will do my best to understand and support them in whatever ways I can, but I will not give them false promise, blow smoke up their asses or tell them that doing X will lead them to looking like me, Beyonce, Jessica Alba or the Tone It Up girls.

As coaches we have a responsibility to provide our clients with the opportunity to learn to listen to their bodies and realize they are more than their bodies. We must empower our clients to trust their intuition, take care of their minds & bodies, and become their personal best (not become us). Any trainer can run you through the ringer and make you tired, sweaty and “feel” like you got a good workout, but that doesn’t make it right, effective or them a good coach. Any half naked, six-pack having, lean “guru” on social media can prescribe some BS diet based solely on what they eat and not on your needs, biology, lifestyle, psychology and health. Just because someone looks a certain way does not deem him or her an expert. Good coaches come in all shapes and sizes with the common dominator of promoting health and you being the best YOU you can be. Good coaches create an environment that fosters health, compassion, independence, realistic expectations, support, challenge, confidence, rest and honesty.

I will never stop preaching about my frustration with the current state of the health and fitness industries because the good coaches out there and the clients that are seeking them need to find each other. Please I beg you to start using your common sense, don’t believe all the bullshit and trust your intuition. If you need some support in getting out of the trap look for coaches that don’t prescribe diets, unrealistic amounts of exercise, have time frames for their supposed results, and don’t just tell you want you want to hear.

Put it this way…from the very first contact I make with a new client who asks me, “will I lose weight by doing your program?” I honestly say to them, “I don’t know. We focus on health and supporting you in feeling better.” Some hang up the phone and never come in because they aren’t ready to hear or experience something so unlike what they are inundated with. And a few come in, out of curiosity, to give something new a try, and most of them are hooked. When you are done with the diets, bikini body challenges, false promises failing you, and tiresome obsession with your body…you will be ready to be part of the community of people who are more concerned with health, happiness and truth, then physical perfection and lies.

"Start believing in yourself again instead of all the nonsense and crap that's being fed to us by under qualified and over glorified "experts"."