Getting Bikini Ready Knockout Style!

Spring is officially here and you know what that means?! Bathing suit season is upon us! OMG time to freak out, start worrying about your weight again, obsess over your flaws, eat less, train more, and decide in your head you have no right to put on a bathing suit unless ______!

Well at least that is what society would like you to do. It’s like clockwork…twice a year there is a push of mass marketing campaigns targeted at every women’s insecurities. The same cycle ensues. Life is going along great, you are exercising, learning to listen to your body, creating new habits and then New Year’s Resolutions happen, you freak out and potentially do something drastic, then you calm back down again, get back in your groove, are feeling good, getting stronger and then the upcoming Summer causes another freak out and possible extreme behavior to swim_-1773slim down and create a body that is socially acceptable.

I see this happen every year and it breaks my heart. Women are training in my club, fighting back against the weight loss bullshit and then BAM the diet companies strike and these awesome women feel like shit about their bodies again. The only way to stop this cycle is for you to doing something about it.

Summer will arrive no matter what, the weather will be hot, you will need to wear less clothing, someone will invite to a pool or beach and you will have to wear a bathing suit…and guess what you will survive. And you know what would be even better…surviving AND enjoying yourself.

So check out my blog post from last year on this very topic and learn my 3 tips to getting bikini ready! This message always needs repeating because it’s not easy to develop inner strength & confidence. We all need the reminders and support!