Diet's Can't Be Trusted! | Knockout TV

Most people starting a diet feel that they can’t trust themselves with food and they need an outside source telling them when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat. Unfortunately, this goes against everything your body and mind are designed to do. As I’ve stated in previous posts your body is always giving you information, we just aren’t so great at listening anymore and diet after diet makes us trust ourselves less and less with food.

At some point on a diet we usually find that we start cheating on our diet and once off the diet we might even feel like we are in food party mode. The problem is diets force us to ignore our body’s cues and follow a strict set of rules dictated from an external force. The diet is crossing your boundaries and you naturally are rebelling back by eating what you want. So instead of learning to listen you body you are in a constant food fight.

Now I’m not saying you should go and binge because that wouldn’t be a health focused decision, but I am saying we need to give ourselves unconditional permission to eat and get clued into our body’s cues so we can start to rebuild our trust with food again.

To help you start this process here are 3 tips from Intuitive Eating to begin rebuilding your trust with food:

1. Honor your hunger. Start paying attention to how hunger feels to you. If you’ve been on loads of diets your hunger cues may have atrophied and you need to learn your body’s subtleties again. Many of us don’t honor our hunger until we are starving which can be problematic.

2. Feel your fullness. Check in with yourself throughout meals to discover your fullness cue. Checking in doesn’t mean you have to stop eating; it’s about becoming more aware. Over time you will find you prefer to be comfortably full verses overstuffed or under-satisfied.

3. Introduce forbidden foods one at a time. One by one start making peace with those foods that are labeled bad when you are on a diet. You need to take back your power and realize that food isn’t the enemy nor does it control you. You can enjoy fun foods without guilt or overeating.