Diets & Weight Loss are NOT Motivating!

As you may or may not know Knockout Women’s Boxing Club does not believe in or promote diets or weight loss programming. When most people discover this they are confused and taken aback. Most gyms today use weight loss advertising as their primary tool to draw you in. You wanna lose weight and they promise they can help you. You think there is something wrong with you and your body, they have the perfect diet to solve your problems. In the fitness world, weight loss rules, but the problem is the client, you, rarely, win in this game. I want to help my current members, prospective members and women every where understand why Knockout doesn’t promote or believe in diets and weight loss so you can fight back and regain your power.

Today’s video is the first in a series of videos covering why we don’t promote diets and weight loss as well as arming you with tools and info to help you shift to a health based mentality. So today we uncover why diets and weight loss sabotage your motivation.

Here is how it typically goes. A woman is seeking out a new way to “get fit” which most often means lose weight and happens upon my club. They are excited to find a women’s only boxing gym and have this exciting new exercise routine. There are hopes of pounds of weight loss, a toned body and a life sans problems. They may or may not ask me day one if they will lose weight boxing, but most women do find they lose a few pounds when they first start. Now that hooks them initially without me even discussing weight loss or my thoughts on the matter. They instantly externalize the result of their hard work in the gym. This initial weight loss is typically the result of a new type of exercise, change in intensity, or going from being inactive to active. This change can come from any new form of exercise. Then the honeymoon phase ends and reality kicks in…you aren’t losing weight weekly. And this is where the big problem begins because now you have wrapped up all your success, results and worth into that number on the scale and it’s not budging anymore. Your first reaction may be to do more and eat less. And while that may result in a bit more weight loss, it quickly brings you back to a frustrating plateau. And the emotions start to mount. You feel frustrated, out of control, defeated and helpless. I’m working so hard in the gym and making healthier choices outside of the gym why am I not seeing “results”. And there lies the problem. We are chasing after something that is external and doesn’t guarantee happiness, health or a better life. And in fact at this point many people quit. What’s the point of continuing if I’m not losing weight? And there we have it dieting and the pursuit of weight loss has sabotaged your motivation. When your only driving force is weight loss and you don’t see it happening you inherently lose the drive to continue. We’ve all been down this road before and it sucks! Trapped in believing that a number on that damn scale gauges our hard work, and healthy lifestyle.

It breaks my heart to see women go through this in my gym. They kick ass during our training, they are beautiful, smart, strong women, that are working so hard to be the best they can be and that all gets taken away they moment that scale doesn’t move in a certain direction.

So what are women to do to get out of this mindset? It’s not easy. But it’s beyond necessary. Here are 3 tips to get you started:

1. Get rid of your diet/weight loss tools. Throw out your scale and if you can’t bare to do that quite yet, at least start weaning yourself off of it.

2. Change your focus to performance because you can affect this everyday! Do you want to punch harder, improve your skills, get stronger, etc. Pay attention to the improvements in those areas that is where your gym time is paying off no matter what the fucking scale says.

3. Redefine health. Unfortunately, our society defines health as a certain weight and neglects the truth and complexity of what health really is. What does a healthy body mean to you without thinking about size or weight? What does a healthy mind mean to you? What does a healthy relationship mean to you? What does a healthy financial life mean to you? Health is not about weight…it’s about you as a whole person and your overall lifestyle.

My hope is that you can start seeing the diet and weight loss industries for what they really are…a scam! Fight back by not buying into it. I hope that all women can find the courage and strength within themselves to focus on health and self care verses being a certain weight or size. In our next episode I will discuss why diets and weight loss make you do unhealthy things.