What Makes Knockout Different than Traditional Gyms?

If you are considering joining our club, you might be wondering what to expect and what we are all about.  Well cue the Michael Jackson Thriller music video... "I'm not like other guys (in this case gyms lol)." because we are very different.  It's important to understand these differences when figuring out if we are a good fit for you. And if you are current member watching this episode of Knockout TV can help you share with others what sets Knockout apart from a traditional gym.

I am the sole owner and head coach.  I run the gym, do all the behind the scenes stuff to make our club run smoothly, grow and develop, I teach all the classes and have 3 intern coaches that help run classes with me.  So first and foremost we are a one woman show and an exclusive club.  As one of our Knockouts beautifully said, "It's like being a member of the best club ever, except you don't have to be chosen. You just have to want it and you will be unconditionally accepted."  

We welcome anyone that has a desire to learn, can commit to our structured schedule, respects the training and community and is striving to become their best (because FYI we also don't promote diets, weight loss, and gimmicks...so we want you to be your best no matter what size you are...video on this coming soon).