Self-hate to Self-love

As the weight loss industry continues to dominate, it saddens me to know many of my members are victims of the glorified pursuit of an illusive weight loss goal or perfect body pushed upon them everywhere they turn.  Yes their intentions are always good...they want to feel better about themselves.   Because of course we all do.  The problem is feeling better rarely, if ever, comes from "looking better" or losing weight.  

I often hear new and veteran Knockouts talk about wanting to lose weight or sharing that they currently have lost weight.  And it's actually something they rarely share with me directly because they know my stance of this whole topic.  Now don't get me wrong if someone becomes more active, starts listening to their body and making changes that lead to a healthier self and that happens to result in weight loss, more power to you, but what I don't think people realize is the real change is happening within them psycholgoically.  The real transform is the shift to self-care and self-love.

We all want to be confident in our own skin.  It's a horrible shame that the majority of women walk around hating their bodies and appearance.  And the key to shifting for self-hate to confidence does not come from weight loss.  It comes for your decision to love yourself and treat yourself better.  Choosing a form of exercise that you love and committing to it is self-love.  Learning to honor you hunger and feel your fullness is self-love.  Taking a day off the gym because you are sore and would rather share a nice evening with your spouse or best friend is self-love.  Over time these small choices add up to big change (whether the scale reflects it or not).

I know most people would consider me athletic, in shape, fit, toned (whatever you want to call it).  And I am healthy, strong, active, and athletic.  But years ago my body was much closer to the media definition of these terms, yet I was much less healthy overall.  The crazy thing is I love myself more now in a bit softer version of my body then I did back then.  I have more confidence. I am a better person.  

Why? Well because I am taking better care of my mental and physical health.  I am more in tune with my body's needs, I am much better at taking rest days (and even relaxing too), I'm better at setting boundaries in my personal and professional relationships, I believe in myself and my mission more than ever, and I know my body is this amazing thing that allows me to empower other women no matter what size, shape or weight it is.  

I don't want my Knockouts to ever feel they can't tell me things like when they lose weight, but I just want them to know that whether they ever lose another pound or not being healthy, happy and confident can't be found in how your look.  It is found within! 

Keep focusing on making choices in your life that improve your mental and physical health and well being.  At times those decision will be tough as hell, but you can do it.  It's overcoming obstacles, nudging yourself out of your comfort zone and learning to love yourself as you are right now that will enable you to have confidence and a full life.  

Next time you are punching that bag shift your focus from how intense your workout needs to be, how much you need to sweat or how many calories you need to burn to how can I get the most out of this session today to help me become the best version of me I can be!