How To Do the Straddle & Criss Cross Jumps

Jumping rope is a key part of your boxing training. Often people dread this piece of their boxing workout, but if you spend the time to master the basics and continually work on adding new jumps to your routine you will be jumping like a pro in no time.  

In today's episode of Knockout TV, I will show you how to master the Straddle & Criss Cross Jumps.  Both of these jumps are progressions on the basic two foot bounce.  If you need help with the Basics click here to check out our Jump Rope Playlist on our channel.  

It's a good idea to practice the footwork of the new jump without the rope first, then add the rope off to the side to get the timing, and lastly get that rope under your feet.  Jumping rope is a skill like all parts of boxing and takes time to master, so be patient and have fun! Once you get better at jump rope you may even learn to love it!