New Year Resolution Rant!

It’s that time again…you know that time of year where you promise yourself you will lose weight, save money, do X more, do Y less…yea New Year Resolution time! Every year 45% of Americans resolve to lose weight and every year most of those same people fail AND gain more weight back. It’s sad, but true. And to add fuel to the fire advertising goes buck wild helping you realize that you simply don’t know how to be healthy, exercise, or eat and you NEED them!

Let’s see we have the insanely useless $10 per month gym fliers filling up your mailbox (read more on that topic here). Next we have weight loss program commercials flooding your TV. Really Weight Watchers when did you become qualified to help resolve emotional eating issues?! And lastly we have loads of well intentioned trainers offering their latest 8 week weight loss boot camp to show you the way to the finally reach that unrealistic body goal you have been brainwashed to believe is the definition of health, beauty and happiness.

When will we finally get pissed and say enough is enough already? When we will finally realize these companies and this advertising are pushed in our faces because they prey on our desperation? When will we get sick of the lies and manipulation? When will we finally say F*CK YOU to diets for making us feel worse then we started off?

See the thing is the diet and weight loss industries are brilliant businesses, they can totally fail you and you blame yourself not them (check out more on this topic here). And the times when you do blame them for not working, you just move onto another false promise from their latest product or competitor. It’s defeating and never ending. The only people that win are the companies making a pretty penny off your self-loathing.

Yes I am in the “health & fitness” industry and yes I own a gym, but I don’t promote any of the bullshit mentioned above. I don’t have scales at my club, I don’t promote diets, I don’t talk about sculpting the perfect body, I don’t cheer my members on to burn more calories and I don’t drop my prices in hopes of getting hundreds of members who never show up. Why don’t I do any of that when if I did I would be a millionaire? Well I don’t because I care and I promote health. I’d rather ensure that my members are healthy inside and out then sell them a line of bullshit on how I can make them lose 10lbs this month.

This year I would love to hear people say I resolve to take a good look at my life and make choices that will positively impact my health in all areas of my life for a lifetime. Then I would love to see people make a commitment to themselves and their health. And lastly, I would love to see people make small sustainable changes that accumulate in to the healthiest, happiest life possible. Remember health and happiness don’t equate to a certain size or weight.

So throw that $10 gym membership special flier in the trash, tell Weight Watchers they have no right coaching people on emotional eating especially while they simultaneously have you count points (that was creative WW but you are still a diet), and think twice before signing up with a trainer that has big promises. Do yourself a real favor this year and start looking within and investing in yourself.

Maybe the best gym out there for you is $100 per month…will you invest the money? Maybe the best guidance for you is found in a book that helps you stop dieting…will you invest the time to read it? Maybe the best path for you is adding small things to your life that make you happier and healthier for the rest of your life…will you invest the effort in figuring it out?

This year do something different…don’t invest in making the weight loss and diet industry more money for failing you…instead invest in yourself…invest time, money and energy…you are worth it! Improve your health and let your body take care of the rest. The truth is the opposite plan of focusing on fixing your body esthetically will never lead you to health or happiness. So let’s focus on what really matters this year!