So you wanna be a Knockout?

Boxing’s popularity with women has been on rise since 2004 with the release of the movie “Million Dollar Baby”, yet like any trend it has gotten distorted as it has climbed the ladder of popularity. What's happened with boxing, as with most “fitness trends”, are two's gotten watered down and sexualized. The fitness industry took hold of it and made it fun, cute, and the latest way to gain the perfect physique. And along with making it easy to digest so the masses buy it they also made it sexy because of course sex sells.

The problem is there are only 3 images most people think of when they imagine women’s boxing.

The #1 image of course is two badass women in the ring beating the shit out of each other. Yes this is a reality, but not a common goal or enticing for most women.  Yes women can box and compete incredibly, it's just not for everyone.
The #2 image is your typical cardio kickboxing, burn tons of calories with non-stop punching like a maniac using shitty form type classes. You know the cutesy, unintimidating “girly” boxing. There is nothing wrong with enjoying cardio boxing, but many women want something more serious and legit.
maxresdefaultAnd lastly we have the sexualization of boxing. Yep once VS got their hands on boxing the sexiest boxers on the planet were born who don’t know a thing about the sport. This image also doesn’t motivate women to get healthy, but instead reminds us we are mere mortals that will never look like them because of photo editing and genetics.
The solution I believe (and my members can attest to) is Knockout! We are the perfect bridge between competitive and cardio boxing. Our club and philosophy gives women the opportunity to train like a boxer, while also having fun in a supportive female environment without caddy drama!
So if you wanna be a Knockout here are some things you need to know: 

1. We don’t do cutesy. We train like boxers (minus the contact).
2. We don’t do sexualization. We empower women.
3. We don’t do gimmicks or false promises. We do real, honest, no BS coaching.
4. We don’t do scales. We train to be stronger, happier and healthier.
5. We don’t do shitty form. We coach our members to punch and move effectively, safely, and like a boxer.
6. We don’t do easy. We hold our members to realistic expectations and challenge them to push themselves.
7. We don’t do disrespect. This isn’t your run in late and hop into class type club. You are expected to be on time and ready to work. We respect each other and the training.
8. We don’t do diets. We encourage our members to have a healthy relationship with food.
9. We don’t do purposeless. We train with a purpose, not just to make you tired. We want you to be better.
10. We don’t do perfect. We do real. Real women come in all shapes and sizes and our focus is to make you the best you can be.

If you wanna be a Knockout, we welcome you. You don’t have to be a certain size, shape, weight, or fitness level. You don’t have to have any boxing experience. All we ask is that you have a desire to learn, a respect for the training, and acceptance of our mission. Boxing is a hugely empowering sport for women when taken seriously. As you master the skills, feel your stamina and power increasing, and overcome the challenges boxing provides, you will find being a Knockout is more than punching a bag, it’s a way of life. You may never step in the ring and go toe to toe with another woman, but that doesn’t mean your fight isn’t real and worth your effort! 

Try our Free Knockout Basics Class and we bet you'll be hooked!