All I Want For Christmas is...

With the holiday just 2 days away I thought I’d share what I really want for Christmas this year. This is not a favorite things blog…no makeup, clothing or product recommendations here. My list is full of intangible, life changing things I wish I could gift to every woman!

This photo might seem kinda random, but to me it shows women coming together, having fun, and helping each other...and with the green tanks it's like a human KO Christmas tree lol!

All I want for Christmas is for…

Women to see their worth
Women to start loving instead of hating their bodies
Women to stop comparing themselves to unrealistic images of beauty
Women to focus on strength & health
Women to unite and empower each other
Women to realize they are enough
Women to be honest with themselves & others
Women to start a body loving revolution 
Women to embrace their flaws
Women to realize perfection is not real
Women to reject the diet mentality
Women to NOT let the media or anyone insist they are broken, not good enough, and need to be fixed
Women to inspire each other through self-acceptance and judge less
Women to be their authentic selves
Women to get angry for the lies we are told about weight, our bodies, and beauty
Women to see & use their power
Women to laugh, love, play and enjoy life regardless of size, shape, weight, etc.
Women to realize the impact they have on the people in their lives, especially young women 
Women to be real and speak their voice
Women to reconnect with their bodies and inner wisdom
Women to realize no one comes to the gym half naked, ripped, tan, photoshopped and sexy
Women to understand it’s what you do NOT what you look like that matters
Women to accept that food is NOT the enemy
Women to start being MORE instead of focusing on being less
Women to realize that health and weight are NOT synonymous
Women to believe they CAN do and be more than they realize
Women to make time for themselves to recharge, reconnect, and relax
Women to invest in themselves and their health and wellness (inside and out)
Women to know we are worth more than being looked at
Women to make themselves a priority
Women to fight back against what society tells us is beautiful, healthy, and feminine
Women to respect each other, their bodies and their training
Women to set boundaries and surround themselves with people who bring out their best
Women to learn to say yes and no
Women to be confident
Women to be self-reliant and independent
Women to have the courage to embrace their bodies and uniqueness
Women to NOT let the scale determine your value, worth, health or mood
Women to live life to the fullest

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from me and Knockout Women’s Boxing Club!