Yes You Can!

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” ~John Wooden

With every endeavor in life our minds tend to focus on what we cannot do, the obstacles and barriers to our success. It’s easy to get stopped dead in your tracks when you give more attention to your limitations than your strengths. We all have talents, abilities, gifts that enable us to do things we think we can’t.

When I was competitively boxing I always struggled with head movement, I had a tendency to be a straightforward type of fighter and didn’t have much finesse with defense and moving my head. Though it was frustrating that head movement didn’t come naturally to me, I didn’t let it stop me from boxing or developing that skill. I knew I was strong, had great punching technique and balance, so I used that to my benefit in the ring, while in the gym I continued working on my head movement.

As a business owner, there are tons of things I cannot do. I currently can’t hire employees, I can’t get a bigger facility, I can’t offer everything to my members I would like to, and I can’t produce as much content as I would like for my Youtube channel and blog. Knowing that I’m limited with these things, I could easily remain constantly frustrated and disappointed, but instead I chose to focus on what I can do. I can develop interns, I can make the most out of the facility I have and plan for the future, I can develop program ideas and try new things with training sessions, I can produce weekly content and work on improving it’s quality.

The point is if you let your limitations be your guide you will never get anywhere. You must accept your limitations and embrace your strengths. Yes you cannot do some things, but you CAN do other things. It’s important to always find and focus on what you can do because then there are no limits.

When you find yourself saying “I can’t do ______”, “I’m not good at ______”, “I don’t have time to _______”, “I don’t have money to _______” remind yourself that this is your fear based thinking running the show. Your fear always wants you to stay safe, small and comfortable. Fear wants the easy way out. But you don’t! You want more out of life. So guess what that means? Time to focus on the CAN DO!

I can ________.
I’m good at _______.
I have time to ________.
I have money/resources to _________.

I believe people can do more than they realize, too often people sell themselves short. As a coach, my goal is to inspire my Knockouts to be the best they can be. The same girl day one that said I can’t jump rope, punch, box…is now 12 months in to being a Knockout and throwing punches like a champ! I see this happen everyday and the Knockouts that achieve the most in and out of my club, look for the “I can” and simultaneously work on their limitations.

Don’t let your limits limit you!