Coach Jess' November 2014 Favorite Stuff

I'm a little late getting my favorites out this month...we are already 2 weeks away from Christmas! I know we all say this every year but did the Holidays come fast or what?!

Here are my 2014 November Favorite Things (maybe a few last minute gift ideas for the Knockout in your life)!

1. Dew Puff Konjac Sponge, Original (, $5.60).  I got tired of my Clarisonic and wanted something more gentle and affordable so when I heard about this product on Youtube I had to try it and I'm so glad I did.  I love it! It's a great tool for exfoliating and it's super gentle!

2.  Hair Candy (Hair Candy Products, $29.00).  My hair had a lot of damage and breakage from my constant color changes, so I needed a supplement to help strengthen my hair. I discovered this product through a professional female boxer who swears by it and has beautiful long, healthy hair so I gave it a try and loved it! I've been taking it daily for the past two months and have really seen an improvement in the strength of my hair and nails as well as the increased rate of my hair growth! Give it a try, their 4 month pack is on sale right now for $94.50! 

3. CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser, 12 Ounce (, $9.34).  I was an avid Purity by Philosophy user, but wanted something more affordable and bit more foaming.  I had heard about CeraVe for years but never tried it, of course watched some reviews on Youtube and decided to give it a try! This face wash is gentle, cleans your skin, foams up just the right amount and is a great price! I also love their mositurizing cream.

4. Take Your Time by Sam Hunt (, $1.29).  As a born again country music lover, I have to share my favorite song of the moment and this one is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I love what I like to call "sexy, dirty country music" and this song my Sam Hunt fits that description to a "t"! It's sultry, has a unique sound and I can't help but jam out over and over again to it in the car.

5.  Peet's Coffee Sea Salt Caramel Mocha (Peet's, $5.03).  As much as I miss my Caribou Campfire Mocha, this is a perfect substitute.  Peet's coffee is amazing.  Much less bitter than Starbucks and their espresso drinks like this one are much less sweet, which allows you to actually taste the coffee...yea Peet's! 

6.  Zoya Matte Nail Polish (, $9.00).  I never really like matte finish nail polish until I saw these.  I have Loredana (grey), Domiva (black), and Savita (purple) and they are amazing! The color is rich and pigmented and the finish is super cool! I also like topping them with a glossy top coat when I don't want a matte finish and it looks great!

7. Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask 8.5 oz. (, $31.48).  I had this in my bathroom, hadn't used it in a while and decided to start using it again with my mission to repair my hair.  I forgot how much I loved this stuff.  Smells amazing and my hair feels so incredibly soft and smooth when I use it.  Be sure to use it no more than once a week because the protein can have the opposite effect and cause breakage if you overuse a mask like this one. 

8. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection for Women ( $55.00).  I love eyeshadow and I love chocolate, so could any palette be better for me?!  This palette is full of wearable, warm (some cool) neutral shades perfect for everyone.  They are super blendable, have great pigmentation, smell like chocolate and the packaging is awesome! This has been my go to palette in November and of late.  So excited because the semisweet edition is out for the holidays...Merry Christmas Coach Jess!

9.  Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub Made in Canada Ships From USA & Lush - None of Your Beeswax - Lip Balm - Made in Canada Ships From USA (, ~$20).  This cold weather is taking a toll on my skin and especially my lips, which means I need a good lip scrub and balm...LUSH to the rescue! Their all natural, fair trade products are amazing and these 2 products really do the trick to keep my lips soft and smooth.  Benefit the scrub tastes amazing!

10.  Santa's Bag App (iTunes, FREE). This app is great for tracking your Christmas shopping, budget and more!

Happy Holidays Knockouts!
Stay tuned...New Knockout Apparel coming soon...just in time for last minute Christmas gifts!