How to be Your Best!

Knockout Women's Boxing Club is void of competition, judgment, and cattiness. We pride ourselves on fostering a respectful, welcoming, encouraging and supportive environment. I have spent years building a community where women can work together and embrace each other’s differences. And while this has been amazing and I am more than proud of what I have created, I recently realized something was missing from our utopia…competitive greatness

Don’t freak out, I’m not talking about competing with your fellow Knockouts, I’m talking about the John Wooden definition…“Be at your best when your best is needed. Enjoyment of a difficult challenge.”

We need challenges to bring out our greatness. We need to overcome struggles to build confidence. We need competition to unleash our potential.

In my life my hardest battles in and out of the ring have given me the most rewards. The easy fights never left me feeling as successful and confident as the tough ones. Being challenged asks you to bring your best and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.

Since Knockout Women's Boxing Club is not a competitive gym, we don’t spar or have a fight team; we inherently lack this aspect of training and development. I wanted to give my Knockouts the opportunity to rise to the occasion and fight the battles that will bring them strength, confidence, empowerment and success without having to get in the ring and be hit in the face so I created the Knockout Levels Program. Think boxing meets martial arts belt ranking system.

If you understandably so don’t want to get hit in the face, the next best thing is testing your skills and ability in a systematic way. When your skills are literally put to the test and evaluated you have to decide how you will respond. Will you step up your game, get fired up by the challenge and strive to do your personal best? Or will you run because the thought of being tested brings on too much fear?

Putting my Knockouts in the uncomfortable situation of testing allows them to grow personally and athletically. Creating this levels system provides my Knockouts with a challenge to overcome. This is where the empowerment of boxing lives…in fighting to be your best, mastering a skill, overcoming the difficulty and frustration, and saying to yourself “holy shit I just did that”.

I want my Knockouts to have competitive greatness, confidence and personal satisfaction. I want to recreate the life lessons that can be taught in the ring during competition outside of the ring in training. As John Wooden says the hard battles will bring out your highest level of ability.

So whether you are excited about the prospect of being tested or getting a little mad or nervous, I encourage you to think about what you can learn from this. How challenging and testing yourself in the gym can give you confidence outside our four walls. I want you to realize that shaking things up a bit, and taking you out of your comfort zone is just me wanting to show you what you really have inside you.