How to Get Your Ass in Gear!

We’ve all had those times when we feel paralyzed. We procrastinate, hesitate, avoid and put obstacles in our way. We all have those times when we just can’t get our ass in gear!

This is happening to me right now. I’ve taken a long hiatus from filming videos. Every time I get an idea or make the time to film I get stuck. I have a mind block with topics or end up filling up that time with research, writing, planning, pretty much anything to prevent me from actually filming. When I do get my butt off the chair and set up my filming equipment and press record, I spend an hour filming practice runs and deleting everything because I think it not right. This has been a perpetual pattern for me lately. I feel like I’m in the boxing ring moving around my opponent and just can’t seem to throw any punches.

After spending lots of time idling around not getting anywhere I finally implemented these 3 steps to get my ass in gear!

1. Figure out what is in your way. And FYI it’s typically FEAR! When we step out of our comfort zones fear is all “hang on you don’t want to do that, XYZ could happen”. We have to put a name to what is keeping us stuck.

2. Play “What if up?”. Instead of spiraling down the negative “what if” hole, shift your mindset to “what if awesome stuff happens”. What if you rock at this new thing? What if it opens up new opportunities? The “what if ups” are endless.

3. Throw a Jab. In boxing the jab is the punch that starts the action and sets up your combinations. At minimum we have to throw a jab and test the waters. In life you must take a baby step. So what did I do, filmed a video about how I was stuck. I thought well hell might as well film about a topic that is on my mind and see what people think.

To get unstuck we have to overcome our fears and take action. We have to start building momentum. Once we throw that first jab, more punches will follow. Action begets action. The longer you wait to throw a jab the harder it will be. So whether you find yourself moving around the ring not throwing punches or in life not taking action you know is good for you, try these 3 steps and you will have your ass in gear!