Train because you LOVE your body!

Hating your body will never get you as far as loving it will. We don't treat things we hate very well. If you choose to love your current body (as it is right now!), it can transform the way you treat yourself. When you love your body you will make choices that are aligned with health & happiness. Over time those consistent small steps towards treating your body with love, kindness and respect will result in a more fit, healthy, and stronger body (and mind).  

Instead of:
1. Hating your body
2. Punishing your body with restrictive diets
3. Beating up your body with endless hours of pointless exercise
4. Not getting enough sleep
5. Criticizing every inch

1. Loving your body
2. Fueling & nourishing it with a variety of healthy & play foods
3. Training in ways that make you feel strong, healthy and alive
4. Getting enough sleep & adequate recovery
5. Being grateful for all the things your body can do

The ability to train, move your body, and build strength is a gift, please don't waste it.  So many people out there that no longer can move their bodies due to injuries or illness would pay for the abilities we take for granted like walking, punching, skipping, lifting, and dancing. When you start to realize the preciousness of the gifts of health and movement, you begin to realize the responsibility you have to take care of and respect this one body you are given whether it's the size you want it to be or not.  Don't let the size or shape of your body prevent you for embracing the gifts of movement and health.  Train because you love your body (not because you hate it)!