Coach Jess' October 2014 Favorites

Hey Knockouts! It's favorites time! I have some great new products from October that I am excited to share with you.
1.  Ramekins (, $12.89).  In a continued effort to reduce my Starbucks spending, I have found a fun new way to make my own breakfast sandwiches! English muffin toasted & lightly buttered, slice of cheese and quick scrambled egg in a Ramekin in the microwave! Lightly beat an egg with a splash of H20 (and whatever seasonings you prefer) then pop that sucker in the microwave for 45 seconds or so and voila perfectly cooked egg for your breakfast sandwich.  

2.  FitBit Zip (, $59.95).  I love my new FitBit Zip.  This sleek little gadget helps me stay active throughout the day by tracking my steps.  My goal is 10,000 per day and while some days I am killing it (my long work days at the club) other days I have to challenge myself to get outside to take a walk.  Walking does a mind & body good...and Champy is enjoying the added walks too ;)!

3.  Dorco Razors (, $20.99).  AMAZING! These razors are WAY more affordable than anything this quality you can find in stores.  These razors are such great quality, the blades stay sharp a long time, and give you the smoothest shave!

4.  Money Monitor App (itunes, $1.99).  I have found an even better financial app! The app is a budgeting tool and register in one.  You can set your budget monthly in as many categories as you need and then track all your spending & budget all in one! This is making my budgeting even easier and effortless.

5.  American Dreamin' by Brooke Eden (iTunes, $0.99).  In the past year, thanks to my awesome boyfriend, my love of country music has been rediscovered! Brooke Eden's American Dreamin' is my new fav song.  The passion, energy and message behind this song so resonates with me...check it out!

6.  Boxing Cheaper Than Therapy Tank (KOWBC, $25.00).  Of course I gotta give Knockout's latest tank some love! This design is awesome, the message couldn't be closer to the truth and the fit of this tank is perfect.  It's our new best seller!

7.  ON Running shoes (Peak Running Co, $109.00).  Nope I'm not a runner (anymore, years ago yes).  But I was in dire need of new walking shoes.  I stopped in Peak Running Co in Downtown DG and was assisted by our lovely KO Colleen who helped me find the best shoe for me...the ON Cloud won me over! They are so light, comfy and great for my walks and perfect for being on my feet all day coaching.

8.  Front Loaded Deficit Reverse Lunge.  My fav exercises from last month's training had to be this one.  Okay honestly it was a love/hate.  After working on it for 4 weeks I learned to love it! I loved the challenged of being front loaded and elevated (deficit) on a step.  I heart lifting heavy sh*t!

9.  Walking Dead.  It's back! And boy the first episode of this season started off intense! Where my Walking Dead fans at? Most people know I don't watch TV, so for me to be addicted to a show takes a LOT, and I am hooked.  I also usually hate this type of show, zombies, really?! The reason I love it is because it has nothing to do with zombies, it's all about humans, our psyche, relationships, how we handle's fascinating!

10.  Marshmallow Fireside 3-wick Candle (BBW, $22.50, but get them when they are 2 for $22).  Honestly, I burn this scent year 'round, but now it's back in stock in stores! It just screams scent ever! Time to stock up!

So there you have it some of favorite things from the month of October! What were you loving last month? Share your favorites below!